CPC has received the following message, which we’re passing on for the benefit of our residents:

I am emailing on behalf of Inner Flame. We’re a local youth charity that delivers the Prince’s Trust Team Programme to 16-25 year old youths in the Swindon and Wiltshire area. We’d love to work with the parish councils, as we are currently looking to fill our programmes with young people who really need the support! If you work with anyone who you think would have young people who’d benefit, please do put us in contact, and if you know of any young people who’d benefit we’d love to hear from you!

We run three programmes, Achieve, Team, and Manage Anxiety Your Way.

  • Manage Anxiety Your Way is an 8-week online course that is low intensity, meeting twice a week for a few hours, that focuses on building a young person’s skillset in dealing with anxiety. It is not a requirement to be formally diagnosed with anxiety, merely suffering with similar symptoms.
  • Achieve is a two-week course focused on developing interpersonal skills and getting young people into a routine. It’s a great lead-in to the team programme, and gives young people time to get used to the environment and the team. It’s very active and encourages young people to get involved in their local community and get out to do things.
  • Team is a twelve-week course that focuses on employability, teamwork and community skills. For this team we’ve got some amazing volunteers coming in to do some CV work, a great residential planned, some guided work experience and some awesome options for a community project. It’s a great chance for young people who need that extra push to get out of being NEET to get themselves out there and get some experience!

Both Team and Achieve give a certificate from the prince’s trust that is nationally recognised! Our courses are completely free and run often, the only requirement is that the young person be 16-25 and NEET, so please do get into contact if you have any questions or suggestions!