Join us on this guided summer farmland walk and picnic with local farmer Adrian Bowles. Adrian is kindly allowing us access to his mini rewilding project just outside of Swindon where he also farms Dexter cattle and Black Welsh Mountain sheep. This semi natural habitat is being cared for with minimal intervention and we will be led through this wonderful landscape with regular stops to learn about the natural vegetation and wildlife.

This walk is suitable for all who can manage a walk of approximately 1/1.5 miles on uneven and, in some cases, steep terrain.

Friendly dogs on short leads welcome.

Bring your own picnic and chairs/rugs (we have arranged for personal items and bags to be driven down to the picnic spot so no heavy carrying there and back)!

Please wear long trousers and sturdy footwear.

This event is free of charge but tickets must be applied for.

The Space for Nature Events and Outreach Programme is partly funded by Farming in Protected Landscapes, a Defra grant scheme administered by the North Wessex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.