If you have a concern over a stray dog then you can call the SBC dog warden direct on 01793 466139 and they will come and collect the dog. The dog will be placed in the council pound and the owner will have to pay to retrieve the dog.
As we all know, unless you can catch a dog owner in the act of leaving dog mess behind there is little the dog warden can do, however she has asked me to reiterate the following message:
Dog mess on the streets is a potential health risk. As dogs are carnivores, they can carry parasites and eggs in their faeces. One parasite in particular has potential to cause blindness in humans. This is a particular worry for children due to the nature of playing outdoors and putting their hands in their mouths.
As we cannot physically stop people from leaving their dog mess, the above the message is what we are trying to promote. Everyone knows how unpleasant it is to encounter dog poo on the streets; whether it’s on your shoes, on the wheels of a child’s pushchair or someone’s wheelchair. As well as being anti-social, it’s poses severe health risks, as said above.