At the end of 2017, Swindon was formally accredited by the Alzheimer’s Society as working towards ‘Dementia Friendly Community’ status in recognition of the work that has gone on to support people living with dementia, our plans going forward. We can also now accredit other organisations and businesses with the Dementia Friendly Communities logo.

There is so much Dementia Friendly Community work going on in Swindon, we decided to produce a quarterly newsletter to provide an update on some of this. I have been in post as Dementia Friendly Coordinator for almost a year now and it’s really exciting to see projects we have been planning for a while coming into fruition. We have a very active Swindon Dementia Action Alliance who are looking for new members. If you are involved in any Dementia Friendly Community projects, or would like support starting some, please contact me.

Susan Lambert, Dementia Friendly Coordinator
Tel: 07980 933636

Full Quarterly Newsletter April 2018 available to read here.