Residents of the Parish have a strong history of helping those in need in times of crisis and emergency. The Parish Council are compiling a list of those who can help at such times, which will be used on a local level. This is for community emergencies rather than isolated incidents.

Types of volunteers could be:

  • 4×4 driver in bad weather
  • Own a vehicle with a tow bar
  • Chainsaw owner
  • Medical experience
  • Military/emergency service experience to organise others.
  • Key holder to a community building
  • Ability to heat water in a power cut or gas failure – “off grid” heating measures – log burner, solar battery electricity provision etc. For hot drinks and hot water bottles.
  • Able to collect prescriptions in bad weather
  • Ability to shovel show from pavements and driveways or spread grit from grit bins
  • Ability to provide a bed for the night to someone with no heat or power
  • Ability to provide a hot meal if required.
  • Dog walker for bad weather.
  • Keep in contact with someone elderly or vulnerable.

Please contact the Clerk to find out more or provide your details. We will keep the details secure and only share them in the event of an emergency with those co-ordinating efforts such as other council staff, Cllrs or the emergency services. Your details will not be used for an other purpose.