Volker Highways are aiming to finish the work on New Road next week. Currently the Borough Council are waiting for an order to be fulfilled by a supplier, at which point the work will commence. The work will be carried out from 9.30 to 3.30.
The work includes:
Placing new tactile paving and a lowered curb at a crossing point of New Road near the Station Road turning.
Painting 30mph and 40pmh signs on the road as appropriate where New Road joins the A346.
Erecting white gateways at the entrance to New Road from the A346 with 30mph signs placed on them. N.B in a new position further back from the junction,
Removing the old 30mph signs.
As before can I please remind everyone to email clerk@chiseldon-pc.gov.uk with any queries on this.
If you have a query and we find out an answer for you, we will publish it on here for all to see.