In October 23, the Parish Council created a community emergency contact list. This is a list of people who would help in the event of a local emergency – for example, flood, snow storms, prolonged electricity outage. I am renewing that list now, to make sure the contacts are still valid. If you would like to be added to the list please email me at

The categories of help are:

  • 4×4 owner
  • has a tow bar
  • Chainsaw
  • Medical experience
  • Organisational experience.
  • Key holder to a building that could be used
  • Heat water for others – without electricity
  • Collect prescriptions
  • Shovel snow/lay grit
  • Provide a bed to someone
  • Provide hot food
  • Dog Walker
  • Contact with the vulnerable or elderly.
  • Any other relevant skills/experience.