As of this week Chiseldon has a new bus service, run by Stagecoach West, which runs from Chiseldon to the Great Western Hospital into Swindon and onwards to the Outlet Village, West Swindon Shopping, the Link Centre and Freshbrook. This is Service 8 and it will run every 20 minutes on a circular route from the main road, past the Farm Shop, up Ridgeway Road, into Draycott Road and around by New Road, Mays Lane, High Street and Station Road, returning to the main A346 to go back into Swindon. There will be an information stand at the Church Fete on Saturday 20th June at which Stagecoach West will come and answer any questions.

It is with regret that Service 70, which ran through the village for a great number of years, has been withdrawn. It will be replaced by Service 80, which presently runs from Marlborough to Tidworth and Ludgershall and will be extended from Marlborough to Swindon. This is partly a Wiltshire sponsored bus but will only run two hourly. We still have the connection to St Johns School at Marlborough and a connection with the bus to Andover. The first bus and the last bus will go down the main road, otherwise buses will be routed via the back road, Draycot Foliat to Ogbourne St George.

People in Draycot Foliat will need to walk to the bus stops in Draycott Road to pick up the new Service 8 and people from Ogbourne St George will have to walk out to the main road to catch the X5 Salisbury Red Service which will shortly be operating to a new timetable. The only change we are expecting to the X5 service is a minor alteration for buses going into Swindon which will now leave at 9 minutes past the hour rather than 6 minutes past the hour. Thamesdown Bus Company also have major bus changes with effect from 31st May and will be printing a new timetable.

We will continue to do our best to represent the views and needs of parishioners with regard to local transport policy. Please make use of the bus services if you can, as it really helps if we can demonstrate continued demand.

Here is the timetable for service 80 and here is the one for service 8.