As a result of our April 2023 memorial inspection by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management, the council has been provided with details of 47 memorial stones which are classed as unsafe by the ICCM.

They have provided us with a series of letters that we will send to all deed owners of the plots to advise them of the situation and the steps that are required to be taken.

This is a manual process to locate, via historic records all deed owners.

If you visit a plot that has one of our safety notices and stabilizing posts attached, but have not yet received a letter or the last address we have on file is likely to be out of date, please contact the council office on clerk@chiseldon-pc.gov.uk so we can provide an update.

We appreciate the sensitivity of this matter to family members and will endeavour to deal with the matter with empathy.

As the owner of the Butts Road and Sir Henry Calley cemeteries the council is by law responsible for Health and Safety for all visitors and staff within the cemeteries.

This has been put the forefront of national interest as a result of media stories in recent years such as the death of a young boy in a Glasgow cemetery due to a memorial stone falling on him.

31st May 2023

Public notice in pdf form

A copy of this public notice in pdf can also be found on our Transport, Cemeteries and Other Services page.