At the request of a concerned resident in Canney Close we asked that SBC look at the hedges to ensure a clear visibility splay when exiting the road onto New Road.

Whilst the work does look quiet severe, and on behalf of the Parish Council and the Borough Council I would like to offer our apologies if you are unhappy with this look of this currently, the majority of the growth at the end of the hedges were Alder saplings.  Alders have all their leaves on the outer sections of the limbs so once the limbs are cleared back, it can look very sparse.

I have been assured by SBC that these tree’s are very quick to grow so will have their greenery back shortly. (This is also why they were cut quite severely in the first place).

The work was done with the good intention of allowing clear visibility when joining New Road.

In regards to the van being parked on the verge, they had to do this for a short while to allow the machinery on and off of the van, again our apologies for any short term problems this caused.

Thank you.