For the full article from Building Control regarding Grenfell, please click here.

The Role of Building Control

The primary role of the Council’s Building Control Service is to ensure that Swindon has a safe built environment. We do this in a number of ways – including protecting the public by identifying and making safe Dangerous Structures, through our Safety at Sport Grounds advice, and through ensuring that the minimum construction standards set out in the Building Regulations are met. The Building Control Teams also welcome good development in the right location. So Swindon’s Building Control service has an important role to play in helping deliver new development.

Our Response to Grenfell Tragedy

The tragic event at Grenfell reminds us of the need to be vigilant in delivering a safe built environment. The Council’s Building Control Service has been overhauling its systems to ensure that minimum safety standards are achieved in all cases, and in particular with respect to fire safety. The Service is implementing a new Quality Assurance standard which entails applying the ISO standards, which include a Quality Policy and Manual, Risk Register, Enforcement Policy, Code of Conduct, Training Log, Detailed Competency Matrix plus more. The Service will be audited annually to ensure standards are being maintained. The ISO looks at areas that can impact the Service’s ability to meet customer requirements, therefore, customer feedback is also analysed.

Further Information

For further information on the work of Building Control service, please contact Liz Sheppard ( or 01793 466069).