When you’re living with dementia, the world can feel like a scary and confusing place. Imagine then having to visit or stay in a busy hospital, away from the familiarity of your home and family, many suffer with lonliness, fear and sadness.

Whilst we are proud of the care and treatment provided to our dementia patients at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust we also want to continually improve and enhance our services to make sure any time spent in hospital is as comfortable as possible and give them the best chance of returning home feeling fit and healthy.

Whilst our Dementia Appeal will run for several years we have set ourselves an initial target of raising £33,000 to take those first important steps towards improving the hospital environment for people living with dementia.

The key themes of the project are:

  1. Personalising care
  2. Dementia friendly environments
  3. Meaningful activities

You can help us make a difference by supporting the Brighter Futures Dementia Appeal today.