Opening Up The View

Hedge Removed In between Marlborough and Ogbourne St Andrew, there are a couple of benches and an obelisk overlooking the Og valley. Except they don’t look out, because a hedge has grown up obscuring the view. Today, a team from Nationwide spent a day on the path. They managed to:  Removed about 10m of hedge… read more

Are You Ready For Winter?

Get Ready for Winter With the countdown to Christmas well underway and the temperature starting to drop, it’s clear that winter is just around the corner. With this in mind, Swindon Borough Council has launched its ‘Get Ready for Winter’ webpage, a collection of helpful advice and tips on how to stay safe and well… read more

Christmas Singing Festival

Over 200 children set to take to the stage in this year’s Christmas singing festival This Thursday, 245 children from 29 infant, junior and primary schools across Swindon will take part in a Christmas singing festival at the Wyvern Theatre. The young stars will take to the stage as part of this year’s production, ‘A… read more

Vehicle Theft Update

Vehicle Key Less Entry & Ignition It has been reported to that thieves can now boost and copy the signal from key fobs to enable them to access and drive off with vehicles that use these key less methods of entry and ignition. It is extremely important that if you have a vehicle like this… read more

Acoustic in the Alley – 23rd November 2017

Acoustic in the Alley Acoustic in the Alley is on Thursday 23rd November at 8pm, in the Brown Jack, Wroughton, in the skittle alley at the back of the pub. Free parking; £1 entrance. The amazing Simply Acoustic (Steve & Val) will be doing our guest spot. They are a real treat and not to… read more

Butt Road Closure update

Road Closure on Butt Road update The new provisional date for the road closure and re-surfacing is now 9th to 11th Jan 2018. More details on the road closure will be posted when these dates are confirmed.  

Dorcan cycle route improvements

Swindon Borough Council’s in-house contractor has just finished work to improve the surface of the cycleway which runs between Faraday Road and Dorcan Way, to the south of Dorcan Academy. The path was in a very poor state of repair with raised manhole covers creating trip hazards and several areas where low spots were causing… read more

Junction 16 update

Junction 16 continues to progress steadily. The vacuum excavator was on site last week, allowing the contractor to avoid hand digging around services. The site remains a hive of activity as the team prepares the road for the upcoming traffic switch. Hook Street, which links Whitehill Way in West Swindon to the village of Hook,… read more

First gritting run of the season

Gritting season With road surface temperatures forecast to drop below zero and the high probability of a heavy frost, this week saw the first road gritting operation of the season. We are expecting another cold snap on Sunday 12 November. The team will continue to monitor forecasts and conditions 24 hours a day. For more… read more