As autumn approaches, with shorter days and temperatures falling, this is the perfect time for people to shrink their energy bills.

Switching energy supplier could save people up to £616 a year, according to the latest figures, with an average saving per home of at least £300, and it only takes minutes to switch online.

What’s more, people switching could get cashback of up £30 for an on-line switch, or £22 for switching via the helpline. So with the cost of British Gas electricity going up by 12.5% today, following price rises from the other big suppliers earlier this year, this is the perfect time to consider switching tariff.

That is why Swindon Borough Council is launching an autumn drive to help residents look at switching opportunities and drive down their bills using Swindon Energy Matters.

Developed by the Council’s energy efficiency team and Swindon Money Matters to help people take control of their energy bills, Swindon Energy Matters is all about helping Swindon residents better manage their fuel bills, whether people have a credit or pre-payment (Pay As You Go) meter.

It’s never been easier to switch energy supplier and reduce your energy tariff, and Swindon Energy Matters exists to help residents do just that, with minimum fuss and bother, and the extra bonus of saving considerable cash. It provides free and impartial advice to help reduce fuel bills, giving the chance to save money but with no obligation to switch.

It may also be worth changing from a pre-payment meter to a credit meter and achieving considerable savings thanks to direct debit payments.

Cllr Brian Ford, Cabinet Member for Adults’ Health and Social Care, said:

“We know that lots of Swindon residents are paying more for their energy than necessary because they are not switching energy provider. There are some 10,500 Council homes and a high proportion of these Council tenants are on ‘pay as you go’ tariffs, meaning they are spending more on their energy than they need to. And we’re sure it’s the same picture for other Swindon residents. But our initiative can offer plenty more benefits – as part of the Council’s wider Affordable Warmth programme, the campaign is also about helping residents heat their homes better and allay poor health, free up valuable income for other vital expenses and increase the take-up of Warm Home Discount payments. As regards our Council tenants, we want to help make their housing as affordable as possible to improve quality of life and avoid falling into rent arrears. It’s never been easier to switch energy supplier and prices could go up any day so make today your ‘switch day’. They say ‘time’s money’ and taking just 10 minutes to switch online, or a quick call to our helpline, could save you hundreds of pounds.”

How to Switch?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply go to or call 0800 093 3218 to speak to an Energy Advisor. Don’t forget to have a recent bill or statement handy, as well as checking in advance who supplies your gas and electricity,  how much you pay, and how often.

If you are still not sure about using the comparison service, or think there will be barriers to your switching suppliers, you are welcome to contact our Warm and Safe Energy Advice Service for more general advice on 0117 934 1964 or email

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