Property and vehicle security

The local Police have asked us to remind residents to continue to be vigilant with regards to securing the properties and vehicles against thefts, break-ins and burglaries. Please make sure you don’t leave vehicle keys in view of your front door or windows and make sure all entry points to your homes are secure. Please… read more

Bus Services Consultation

Bus Services Consultation Wiltshire Council have held a consultation in regards to a reduction in the bus services we would see in Chiseldon Parish. The Parish Council would like to know your views on what buses you use, what stops you get on and off at and how often you use them. As a result… read more

Annual Accounts Audit for the Parish Council

As part of our financial obligations Chiseldon Parish Council undergo an yearly external audit of their accounts. As part of this procedure we must publicise our accounts prior to them being audited externally, this year by Grant Thornton.  Please contact the Parish Clerk Clair Wilkinson on 01793 740744 or in the first instance if you would… read more

Stones on public verges

The Parish Council has been advised that if any residents have placed stones and boulders on public grass verges and there is an accident, injury or damage when cutting the grass verges as a result of a stone/boulder then the home owner who placed the stones is liable. Please could you ensure that any stones… read more

New Road Build Out review

The Parish Council would like to confirm that there will be a review of the New Road build out, 3 months after installation. We will be analysing all data made available to us, which includes residents comments. After the review a recommendation will be sent back to Swindon Borough Council.