The table below shows plot numbers for the Sir Henry Calley Memorial Garden. You can locate each grave by viewing or downloading the cemetery map. Please contact the Parish Clerk if you can’t find the information that you need.

You can also view or download the cemetery regulations.

C20 Pre purchased
C32 Pre purchased
C33 Pre purchased
C34 Pre purchased
C35 Pre purchased
C41 Pre purchased
C46 Pre purchased
C146 Pre purchased
C147 Pre purchased
C148 Pre purchased
N135 Pre purchased
N143 Pre purchased
N154 Pre purchased
N163 Pre purchased
N164 Pre purchased
N181 Pre purchased

Plot Number Name
C1 J.L. Bracegirdle
C2 L. W. Carr
C3 I.Pollard
C4 D. Spackman
C5 C.M.A. Slatter
K Slatter
C6 M.H. Purser & J.R. Purser
C7 K.J. Cope
C7 F.J. Cope
C8 D. Vanhoeck
C9 D.E.R. Murray
C11 L.R. Heal & R.M. Heal
C12 M.J. Blackman
C13 N.J. Moore
C14 R.P. Itter
C15 D.M. Foxwell
C16 E.M. Heal & D.L.J. Heal
C17 A.J. Hobbs & G.M. Hobbs
C18 T.F. Foster
C19 I. Emms
C21 L.A. Bishop
C22 F. Hammond
C23 D. Green
C24 W. Capel
C25 J.E. Western
C27 V.D.W. Lush
C28 M.E. Carr & D.G. Carr
C29 B.M. Knight
C30 T.P. Cummings
C31 O. Langton
C36 C.S. Sparkes
C37 E.S. Mailey
C38 M. Metcalfe
C39 J.W. Percival
C40 G.M. Pound & D.N. Pound
C78 D.H. Hacker
C145 J C Pattison
C149 N Scannell
C150 M E Lithgow
C151 J P Miller
C152 M J Bradley
C161 M A Lithgow
N26 L P Grew
N37 P.C. Elliott
N46 J. Weeks, L. Weeks & K.R. Weeks
N50 Purchased
N55 J. Miller
A.R. Waller
N56 M.M. Hunt
N57 M.J. Smith
N59 D.J. Cornfield
N64 G.M. Oram & W.G. Oram
N65 S.M. Preston
N66 J.J. Kenney
N68 R.J. Parmenter
N69 K. Poynter
N71 M.N. Peach
A.C. Peach
N73 F.S. Lees
N74 A.C. T. Hawksley
N75 R.M. Hope & L.J. Boswell
N76 B.M. Mastrodomenico & A. Mastrodomenico
N77 F.O.H. Francis
N78 E. Hacker & D.H. Hacker
N79 C. J. Drury
N82 B.J. Woodmansey
N84 L.E. Josling
N86 B.J. Howie
N87 M.J. Simpkins
N88 B.L. Wilkins
N89 R.A. Emmett
N91 M R Kuranly
N92 M.F. Norris & D.V. Norris
N93 G.J.C. Vanderpump & L.C. Vanderpump
N94 A. Shone
N95 R.T.C. Drew
N96 E.E. Percival
N97 P.A.G. Palmer
N98 T. Queenan
N99 D.A. Roberts
N102 M.M. Pook & C.T. Pook
N103 L.G. Perrett
N104 J.C. Smith & J.S. Smith
N105 J.E. Morgan
N106 M.D. Pritchard
N108 T. Sands
N109 N. Kelly-Middleton
N110 D.T. Pook
N111 E.J. White
N112 E.M.O. Watson & F.T. Watson
N113 R. Williams
N115 J M McCracken
N120 D. Tapper
N121 R.D. Margesson
N122 J.V. Perry
N123 S.M. Governor
N124 L.V. Warner
N127 Mr John Poynter
N131 Pre Purchased
N132 N.J. Cook
N133 R.O.A. Murtough
N134 P.B. Jones
N144 P.M. Tomlinson
N145 P Costigan
N153 K.W. Dobson
N159 A.G.Cornfield
N171 J. Cole
N173 D.R. Hill
N187 P.C. Howe