1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.
  2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted
  3. Public recess
  4. Approval of minutes of meeting 19th August 2019
  5. Action Points

Parishing Progress

6. Resident’s request received to have a new dog bin at the edge of the Home Close area, where the footpaths meet the track for Cuckoo bridge. See additional information

7. New Road Hedge cutting. See additional information.

Village Appearance

8. Badbury Noticeboard removal or re-siting, and Ridgeway View Noticeboard. See additional information.

9. Norris Close Planter siting review and driving on grassed area. See additional information.

Building & Amenity Priorities

10. Tennis Club

• Tennis Club representative to update Committee
• Clerks update- the proposed defibrillator and funding. The location would be the outside of the pavilion wall for use for all visitors to the Rec field. Match funding by CPC suggested so that the club can apply for grants where match funding is required.

11. Pavilion

Note – club members have re-pointed and painted the brick work at the lower front of the pavilion compound. An excellent job done.


12. Bonfires complaint from resident. See additional information.

Rec Hall – Ground & Car Park

13. Feedback from Mr P Walton on rolling of new carpark area. See additional information.
Discussion & Vote on any further action.
September – Cllr Rawlings to provide 2 further quotes for this work.

14. Review leak situation at Rec Hall. STORM have been asked for further feedback in regards to their quote from June.
September Update – the original quote from STORM is still applicable. The leak is coming from the water heater overflow from the gents toilets which is still installed and working. They cannot see any leak arising from the roof. Quote for repairs is £125.00 plus VAT.

“Replace Faulty PRV and temp. relief. Cost is inclusive of initial call out.”

15. Discuss & approve costs for sign at end of Norris Close track (where it joins Norris Close) to reduce speed on Norris Close Approx 40 for sign, plus pole and installation costs. See additional information.
Also 30mph bin stickers £6.00 for 6.
Both initiatives recommended by SBC.

16. CVPA

No items

17. Cemeteries

No items

Community Priorities

18. Football matters

Club representative to update Committee.

19. Vulnerable People And Bios

20. Items for inclusion on next agenda

(Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)

Cllrs to report to Clerk any ideas for budget items for 2020/21 budget for the EGPA committee. To be discussed & voted on in Oct EGPA meeting.

Legislation to allow the council to vote and/or act:

Item 6 – Dog bin LA 1983 S5. Litter bins in England and Wales.

Item 7 – Hedge cutting. Highways Act 1980 S96 part 1 & 4 – with Highway Authority approval.(SBC)

Item 9 – Norris Close planter. LGRA 1997 s.30 (b) Traffic Calming works.

Item 12 – Bonfires. LGA 1894 s.8 (1) (i) Parish property – maintenance, improvement of

Item 13 – Rec Hall carpark. LGA 1894 s.8 (1) (i) Parish property – maintenance, improvement of

Item 14 – Rec Hall leak. LGA 1894 s.8 (1) (i) Parish property – maintenance, improvement of

Item 15 – Speed calming Norris Close. LGRA 1997 s.30 (b) Traffic Calming works.