16/100. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public

16/101. Approval of minutes. Meeting held on Monday 19th December 2016

No amendments
Acceptance of the accuracy of these minutes proposed by Cllr Walton, seconded by Cllr Sunners; all those at the meeting who were in attendance in December 2016 in favour.

16/102. Matters arising.


Action Points:

Cllr Sunners -16/170. Welding of pitch barriers will be carried out in the spring when the ground isn’t waterlogged.

Cllr Sunners – 16/84. There is no light on the side of the building. There is a quote from Newsons for this. To be voted on during the meeting. The sensor for the car park didn’t work until very close to it, Cllr Sunners will talk to Newsons about this. Cllr Sunners is still trying to contact Newsons about this and will provide a quote from them for this work and also internal emergency lighting.

All other actions completed.

Julie Porte and Matt Clark arrive at 19.18

16/103. Football matters. Matt Clark attending

All the taps in the pavilion are now push button taps. The hot water pump is fixed and the shower heads now work well. They are still to be re-boarded with Aqua board.

The probation team have started work on the new compound floor at the rear of the Rec Hall. and will finish next weekend. There is a structural membrane, 50 tonnes of scalpings, with board edging and chippings for the top surface.

Matt reported that a few games were played in December.
The football club have their own cleaning company, and every two weeks they come in and clean up the pavilion. Matt is to make sure he remembers to contact them regularly.
Matt is to also make sure all coloured tape used by players is put in the bin.
There are now over 100 people involved in the adult teams.
There is a need for additional parking; the field is currently too wet. They are looking at the hexagonal sheeting to provide a row of parking along the hedge line.
Cllr Brady reported on the recent meeting with Lee from Allbuild. The playing conditions of the pitch were talked about and how he can help us apply for funding for the work.
Lee is aware of a specific grant available to do this work at the moment.

Matt reported that the FA are going to do an assessment of the pitch to provide them with info and costs on how the pitch could be improved. Allbuild can then quote for this.

Clerk to provide contact details so Matt and Lee can talk to each other on this.

Cllr McMurray advised we need to be aware of where the excess water will go. There used to be a ditch at the end of the field following Hodson Road that took the water away. SBC filled it as they believed it was a hazard.

Matt will chase the FA to see what they say and arrange a site visit date.

Matt asked the committee if the club can put a large shed on their new compound – the committee advised this was ok.

16/104. Tennis Club. Julie Porte attending.

Fence damage – the contractor has visited the site and provided a quote of £1275.00 plus VAT for the work.
Neither the PC or the Tennis Club are insured for the damaged caused. The privacy sheeting the tennis club erected did unfortunately act like a sail in the high winds. The TC lease shows that the PC only insure the building and the TC must maintain the courts, flood lights and fencing.

Need to talk to Finance Committee about how we can assist. Cllr Brady proposed a 50/50% split. Julie is to take this away to the TC committee and the Clerk will get the action raised on the Finance agenda.

It was reported that 15 children attend the Friday PM kids tennis club.

Julie will ask Phil the Coach to send the Clerk details of this so that it can be added to the FB and website pages.

Membership remains static. Julie was asked if when children join for lessons and clubs can the parents be given info packs to encourage them to join.

Cllr Walton reminded Julie of the Memorial Hall grants available and will provide her with information.

Cllr Brady is to check with Withy King to see how we stand on the TC lease and its interpretation.

16/105. Pavilion

Covered under 16/103 football matters

16/106 CVPA

Nothing to report

16/107. Recreation Ground

Cllr Walton asked that if more scalpings can be brought to site can we fill the pot holes in the Rec ground car park? Summer will be best for this. The car park is also in need of further future attention.

Action for Cllr Walton to look at tarmac costs and also the costs of the hexagonal plastic sheets that can be laid down. Also recycled scalpings costs.

16/108. Recreation Hall

Discussed elsewhere on the agenda

16/109. Youth Activities

Nothing to report

16/110. Care of vulnerable people.

Nothing to report.

16/111. Any Other Business.

Julie asked about the painting of the external walls of the Rec Hall. This is work in progress as the weather has been too cold for the type of paint.

The meeting closed at 20.08