16/175. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public.

16/176. Approval of minutes. Meeting held on Monday 15th February 2016

Page 1 item 16/167. Change Rachel’s surname to Whatley.
Acceptance proposed by Cllr Sunners, seconded by Cllr McMurray; all in favour

16/177. Matters arising.


Action Points:

Cllr Brady – 16/170 – to update the committee on her arrival later in the meeting.
Clerk – 16/153 Completed
Cllr Walton – 16/159 – Carry forward action to investigate doors not closing properly in the Recreation Hall.

Cllr Sunners – 16/166 – Completed
Cllr Sunners – 16/170 – Carry Forward – Has spoken to Steve Simpkins. The option is to put a post against the main Rec Hall gate with a light 2 metres higher than the gate, with its own PIR. This would enable a light to come on when people enter the car park. Cost would be £308.00 ex VAT.
Agreed that a light would need to be protected as much as possible against vandalism.

Cllr Brady then arrived at 19.13 and updated the committee on action 16/170.

Cllr Brady has arranged for someone to come and view the Rec ground and other areas of the village from the point of view of security. Cllr Sunners is to attend this visit also.

16/178. Football matters.

Matthew Clarke represented the FC. A few games have been played now that the pitch is starting to dry out. The pitch now needs rolling which is something that Countrywide have done in the past.
Action for Clerk to arrange for Countrywide to come and roll the pitch when available.
Cllr Brady asked about potential costs for astro turfing the pitch.
Matt confirmed that the FA can provide funds for this. He will look into this. We would need to own more land at the Recreation Ground to do this as funding would be dependent on building changing rooms and club houses etc.
Matt commented that we could also look at improving the existing pitch. This would involve removing the turf, levelling the pitch and providing drainage.

16/179. Tennis Club

Julie Porte, Chair, represented the TC. Julie commented on the lights not coming on when people are arriving in the Rec ground car park.
For the 16th April open day, it would be nice to get the clubhouse looking as good as possible. Raised the possibility of getting the outside painted. The cost was estimated at approx £200.00 so it was decided we could do this out of current available funds.
Action for Cllr Walton to get exact costs for this and follow up.

Julie commented that membership levels have dropped slightly and they are trying to increase members.
There are a couple of small problems with the courts that are being rectified under warranty. Phil, the tennis coach is to meet with the company to discuss the problems.
For the family fun day on the 2nd June – It’s been asked if they could use the Tennis Club toilets and facilities. The issue with this is that the whole building will need to be opened and would need to be manned.
Action for Cllr Brady to pass on Kimberley Hales details onto Julie to discuss further.

There are still lots of junior members attending the club and this is encouraging parents to join. Cardio tennis on a Friday morning has a few attendees.
The club is hoping to get the Swindon Advertiser along for their open day.

Cllr Bates reminded Julie that he still needed his club house key back that was loaned to the contractors. This means The Parish Council have no club house access and we are supposed to do a once a year review. Julie is to follow this up.

16/180. CVPA

Caroline Hunt at SBC advised that StreetSmart team should be in touch to talk about the repairs after the recent inspection. There are some minor works to be carried out. Also one of the hanging ropes on the rope climb area has fallen down – this needs repairing.
Action for Clerk to chase up SBC/StreetSmart.
Action for Clerk to also email Cllr Rawlings as he may have some local contacts for repairs.

16/181. Pavilion

Missing fire extinguishers to be replaced. Need to know what we need. Need to see a copy of the last fire inspection report. Company was Morgan Fire on 01992 893 498.
Action for Cllr Sunners to try to find out what was in the building and also do the meter readings for the electricity supply
Action for Clerk to arrange new fire extinguishers.

16/182. Recreation Ground

Discussed the softball team using the ground. It was agreed they could hire the Rec ground for £20.00 per evening. It is believed that they will want to hire the ground every Thursday evening during season.
Action for Cllr Sunners to contact Dave Jones to confirm the agreement.

16/183. Recreation Hall

Action for Cllr Walton to check the fire doors not closing and report back to the committee.

16/184. Youth Activities

Cllr Sunners reported that the Youth Mobi was visiting CVPA every Wednesday night – 7.30pm til 9.00pm. This is working well and numbers are increasing.

16/185. Care of vulnerable people

Cllr Brady mentioned Cllr Hill’s work on the proposed bus cuts in 2017. This will leave elderly people unable to get to the hospital or other important appointments. Young people who cannot afford cars also use the bus network for commuting to work. The consequences of the bus cuts are far reaching.
Cllr McMurray asked if there was anything in the Parish Plan about this.
Action for Cllr Brady to ask Claire and Paul Maycock.

16/186. Any Other Business.

Cllr Sunners advised the Clerk that the Rec Hall toilet lights were left on over the weekend.
Action for Clerk to remind the Table Tennis Club to ensure all lights are turn off when leaving.
Cllr McMurray raised the issue of car park charges at Coate, and the impact this may have on parking on the back roads around Chiseldon.
Action for Clerk to ask SBC for a copy of the Coate Water consultation plan.

Cllr Sunners raised the incident with the Spar shop being broken into at the weekend. The plan is hopefully that the Parish Council can put forward a £1000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible. Cllr Brady is going to check the wording of this with Steven Taylor’s office before we proceed.
This does raise the question of CCTV in general in the Parish.
Cllr Brady commented that unless we stop this type of behaviour now it will only get worse. We need to get the Police, Borough Councillors and SBC Housing officers involved to talk together where appropriate.

The meeting closed at 20.10

Date of next meeting: Monday 18th April 2016 at 7.00pm in The Old Chapel, Butts Road.

Summary of Action Points

Cllr Brady

16/179 – Pass Kimberley Hales contact details on to Julie Porte

16/185 – Talk to Claire and Paul Maycock to see if the Parish Plan includes the proposed bus cuts for 2017.


16/178 – Contact Countrywide to arrange for the Rec Ground pitch to be rolled

16/180 – Chase up SBC/StreetSmart with regards to repairs at CVPA.
Contact Cllr Rawlings to see if he has other contacts who could do these repairs.

16/181 – To arrange new fire extinguishers at the Pavillion.

16/186 – Ask SBC for a copy of the Coate Water Consultation Plan

Cllr Walton

16/183 – Cllr Walton to investigate the kitchen door in the Rec hall no longer closing properly.

16/179 – Get quote for painting the external walls of the tennis club house and follow up.

Cllr Sunners

16/170 – To contact electrician to progress issue relating to car park lighting at the Recreation Ground. Ongoing discussion with Ian Simpkins in regards to best solution.

16/181 – Try to find out what fire extinguishers were previously at the Pavilion and also do the meter readings for the Clerk.

16/182 – Talk to Dave Jones to confirm the agreement for hiring the Rec ground to the softball team