20/59 Declarations of interest & approval of any dispensations.

Cllr Rawlings rents an allotment from CPC.

Public recess. 1 member of the public.

Addressed the committee on the need for facilities for the youth of the parish – perhaps a cycle/bmx/pump track?
Teenagers have been using the green at Strouds Hill on bikes but crossing the road near the Landmark Hotel which is a traffic danger. The Police have spoken to them of the dangers of this.

The kids want somewhere specific they can go on their bikes. Police said the track at Wroughton hadn’t caused them any issues and it was a chase to see all the kids in the same place on their patrols.

Resident left the meeting 19.40

20/60 Approval of previous EGPA minutes from 20th July 2020.

Page 2 minute 20/46 change the resolution to show Cllr Bates “Seconding” the proposal.

The minutes of the meeting held on 20th July 2020 were approved as an accurate representation with this change, proposed by Cllr Sunners, seconded by Cllr Duke; all those at the meeting were in favour.

20/61 Action points from July

Summary of Action Points


19/137 Ask W.Cllrs to get SBC to revisit the issue of the dip in the Canney Green footpath. See action point for Cllr Rawlings below. CLOSING ACTION. TO BE REVIEWED AS ACTION IN WINTER WHEN PATH ICES OVER. WILL ALSO BE DISCUSSED IN COMMITTEE IN REGARDS TO CPC FIXING THIS ISSUE.

19/155 Ask Ward Cllrs for progress of hedge cutting on New Road. SBC have been chased.

19/180 Talk to estate manager about extension of Washpool Lease ONGOING

19/193 Talk to estate manager about future purchase of land for new cemetery area ONGOING

20/32 Obtain quotes for further water tank at allotments DONE

20/33 Work with resident to ensure fun day on Rec field is safe and protects parish assets. DONE

20/43 Invite rep from Gardening & Countryside Club to attend August meeting DONE

20/46 Review CFC pitch lease with the club to get a completed document ready for August meeting DONE

20/47 Clerk to deal with H&S issues arising from tree survey report – delegated powers ONGOING

20/49 Purchase of new allotment gate and post added to August full council agenda. DONE

20/50 Adopt allotment lease changes with immediate effect & include a photo of the current plot condition to all new tenants. DONE

20/51 Write to relevant allotment plot holders advising of final opportunity to improve plot before tenancy agreement is revoked. DONE

20/52 Approval of quote for outside gym at Rec field moved to August agenda. DONE

20/55 Write letter to resident advising of hedge cutting contract and suitability of those works. DONE

20/58 Do hedge letters when house numbers known from Cllr Rawlings PENDING and add pump/bmx track request to August agenda. DONE

Cllr Rawlings

20/41 Take photos of The Canney pavement when it next rains and send to Cllr Jefferies as evidence of ice risk.


20/63  PARISH APPEARANCE –  Wildflower areas at Millennium Wood after SSE cleared the ground.

Tony Henderson from the Chiseldon Gardening & Countryside Club:

The aggressive weeds are starting to appear. Wild meadow seeds will not survive. This is not something the club can handle. Recommend to plant bluebells near allotments and shrubs near the pylon at Ridgeway end. Butchers Broom, Pheasant Berry and Snow Berry suggested.

The Committee will review these suggestions at the next committee meeting.

Julie Porte from the Chiseldon Tennis Club joins the meeting at 19.51.

20/64 PARISH APPEARANCE. The provision of dog poo bag dispensers.

Suggestion to ask the public for their views. Committee agreed. Clerk to post on FB for feedback. Add to Sept agenda.

20/65 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Tennis Club update.

The club passed on their thanks to the council for installing the flood water barrier.

Request to Chiseldon Football Club to open extra car park gates on busy evenings.  Have applied to Swindon Borough Council for small business grant. Pay & play still an issue. Can email Julie to book a court and pay in person when gates unlocked.

New Coach in place – Lauren. Will be advertising on FB

Membership is up at 84 approx members.  Grass Valet court inspection report came back ok. Need to re-visit so Cllr can attend. Court condition good, needs re-surfacing in a couple of years. Clerk to get Grass Valet to re-visit. They are also going to quote to re-paint the courts.

Still waiting for annual invoice from CPC.

Their re-painting fund is going according to plan.

Cllr Jefferies logged on at 20.07.

Julie Porte left the meeting 20.08

20/66 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Chiseldon Football Club report.

Pavilion outside painted. £500 Covid grant received to ensure building safe for use. Hand sanitiser stations installed so far. Received £2500 pitch improvement grant. Work scheduled for next 2 months – scarifying, drainage and seeding.

Swindon Ladies football are interested in the facilities and will be testing the pitch next month. The Club are happy to work with them on pitch hire if CPC can come to an agreement. Will work with Tennis Club on parking.

20/67 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Review draft lease for CFC pitch hire and finalise agreement

The draft hire agreement was reviewed by the Club rep and the committee and amended as required.

The Clerk is to look into a shared calendar system for all bookings and Matt Clarke will assist with upkeep.

The Clerk is to submit a budget request on behalf of the committee for £1000 towards new football goals when needed.

A proposal was made by Cllr Duke to approve the hire agreement between CPC and CFC. Cllr Bates second and all Cllrs in favour.

Matt Clarke leaves the meeting at 20.48.

The Clerk is to issue the final lease for signature by the Club and Council


No items

20/69 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Allotments. Vote on costs for 3rd water trough.  Cllr Duke Chaired this item.

Quote reviewed from Allbuild of £335. Plus VAT.   Requests for further quotes yielded no results.

Cllr Bates proposed that the quote from Allbuild be accepted. Cllr Jefferies seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.  Cllr Rawlings did not vote.

To go to full council in Sept for approval as no EGPA budget item for this in place.

20/70 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Outside gym at Rec field.

Quotes were discussed and Caloo and TGO were shortlisted.

Clerk to invite these 2 companies back to present at Sept Committee with a final decision made.

Cllrs to submit questions they require answering in advance to the Clerk.

20/71 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Softball club request for reduction in annual pitch hire cost due to short season from Covid19.

The club requested a payment of between £50 and £75 instead of the usual £200.

Cllr Rogers proposed that a fee of £75 be approved for 2020/21. Cllr Jefferies seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

20/72 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES. New cycle/Pump track.

It was agreed to investigate this idea further to see what type of track would work, the location and the funding for it.

Need to understand if there is public support for this.

Invite back the member of the public who joined the meeting today perhaps?

It was agreed that on the Sept EGPA agenda an item would be presented to for a sub-committee with the powers to investigate this and report back to the EGPA committee. The member of the public could be asked to join along with relevant youth representation from the parish.

Clerk to talk to the local landowner to see if any land was available for hire/sale/donation.

20/73 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORTIES – CVPA Flooring repairs.

All flooring needs removing and replacing with turf and matting. Approx £10,000 to do this work. Agreed to request £10,000 in 2021/22 budget for consideration. See below.

20/74. BUDGET/PRECEPT 2021/22.  Requests to be considered to go to Finance/Full Council

  • Goal posts £1000
  • Bike track £10,000
  • CVPA flooring £10,000

Cllr Duke proposed that the above items be submitted for approval for the 2020/21 budget/precept. Cllr Jefferies seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.


20/76 Vulnerable people and BIOS

BIOS due to start in Sept. Questions raised about how many kids attend. 4-5 in winter. Summer 20-30 kids.

Do we need DBS certificate copies from all staff working with the children?

Cllr Rawlings asked Cllr Sunners to request DBS certificates for all staff.

Start time to be confirmed.

20/77 Items for next agenda

Approval of new CVPA equipment purchase from the 2020/21 budget.

Pump track – create new sub committee

The meeting closed at 21.32



19/155 Ask Ward Cllrs for progress of hedge cutting on New Road.

19/180 Talk to estate manager about extension of Washpool Lease

19/193 Talk to estate manager about future purchase of land for new cemetery area

20/47 Clerk to deal with H&S issues arising from tree survey report – delegated powers

20/58 Do hedge letters when house numbers known from Cllr Rawlings

Cllr Rawlings

20/41 Take photos of The Canney pavement when it next rains and send to Cllr Jefferies as evidence of ice risk.


20/63 Add planting at Milenium Wood to Sept EGPA agenda

20/64 Add FB survey on dog poo bag dispensers. Add to Sept EGPA agenda with the results.

20/65 Get Grass Valet to re-visit for court inspection with Cllr

20/67 Issue final contract for lease of Pitches and Pavilion to Chiseldon Football Club

20/67 Look at shared calendar system for CPC and CFC for pitch bookings

20/69 Present to Sept full council the costs for approval for the allotment water tank

20/70 Invite Caloo and TGO to Sept EGPA meeting for final decision on outside gym

20/72 Sept EGPA agenda – formation of Sub committee for bike/pump track.

20/72 Talk to local land owner about possible space for cycle track

20/74 Add items for EGPA 2021/22 budget to Finance/Full Council meeting for consideration.

20/76 Sept EGPA agenda – approval of new CVPA equipment from the allocated 2020/21 funds.

Cllr Sunners

20/76 Ask BIOS to provide DBS Certificates for all staff working with children.