19/123. Declarations of interest & approval of any dispensations.

Cllr Rawlings rents an allotment from CPC.

Public recess.

No public. Matt Clarke attending for the football club.

19/124.  Approval of previous EGPA minutes from 18th November 2019.

No changes

The minutes of the meeting held on 18th November 2019 were approved as an accurate representation, proposed by Cllr Bates, seconded by Cllr Rawlings; all those at the meeting were in favour.

19/125.  Action points from Nov 19.


19/62 – Get green waste leaflet from SBC for Ridgeway View – via Ward Cllr Jefferies. TO CHASE.

19/107, 108, 109, 110, 112, 117 – Items for Finance committee: Dog bin in Badbury. Fee to move Badbury noticeboard. Leaf blower purchase. Extra hours for handyman, £500 in defib fund. Sign for Rec Hall. Sign for Chapel. DONE

19/107 – Ask Handyman to clear the steps at Church Street to the Washpool – DONE

19/113 – Add outside tap to Dec agenda – DONE

19/117 – Get quote for new Rec field signs. NOT NEEDED AS SIGN IS A DUPLICATE – REMOVE OLD SIGN.

19/118 – Order play equipment for CVPA – DONE

19/119 – Arrange for Hatch Heritage to do work on Chapel doors – DONE

Cllr Bates

19/107 – Talk to contact about taking hedge clippings from New Road and burning on private land. DONE. NOT POSSIBLE TO DO AT THIS TIME


No items


No items

It was noted that the boards on the footpath between High Street and Dewey Close were broken. Clerk to ask Handyman to fix.

Cllr Sunners has reported the graffiti on the M4 bridge to Highways England– ref 21516271.

19/128 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Tennis Club report

Report Received and read out:

We had our AGM in November and it was really well attended. We held it in the Smokehouse and provided a light buffet and Phil gave a junior presentation – most improved player which was great. 

Phil provides free coaching before club night on a Wednesday called Rusty Rackets which is great fun and brings people out!!.

I understand Mick had a good meeting with finance committee and we appreciate comments made. We are still awaiting rent invoice. 

We hope the work carried out on the car park to stem the flow of mud has worked we really need to check after / during a bad storm but appreciate the work carried out. 

Both smoke alarms in club house seem to be faulty and I think it is down to pc to replace ?

On behalf of my committee we would like to say happy Christmas  to all the parish councillors and all the best for 2020

Especially a thank you to you Clair for all your help during the year.

Julie Porte 

Chair : CTC

Cllr Bates advised he attended the AGM and there was about 15 children all very pleased to receive their certificates.

19/129 – BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES –External tap at Rec Hall

No information received from Tennis Club coach so moving to January EGPA meeting

19/130.  BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Football Club report

Matt Clarke reports. The field condition remains good after the improvement work by CPC. Games are still being played on all pitches.

There is an issue with the smoke alarms going off when the showers are running. The Clerk will ask the handyman if alarms are available for steamy areas and will swap. The old alarms can go to the Tennis Clubhouse where their alarms need replacing.

The Football Club is happy to provide a £250 donation towards the new defibrillator on the Rec field.

There is a set of grants available from the FA for pitch improvements. The forms have been sent to the Clerk. Can apply for up to 6 years funding. It was agreed that the club and PC would work on this to try to secure grants.

The club is happy to run football games on the VE day celebration.

Cllr Sunners reported that the light on the outside of the pavilion is always on. No-one was aware of this light. The next person at the Rec ground to investigate.

The 2 youth teams are doing well and the 2 adult teams are ok.

Matt Clarke leaves at 19.49


No items

19/132 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Allotment water tank lids

New water tank lids are needed. Clerk to ask Allbuild for an updated quote with hinged lids and secure fastenings. Cllr Bates to ask Hatch Heritage for a quote.

19/133 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Allotment new gate.

The gate is in good enough condition for now. Re-visit in Summer 2020.

19/134. BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Rec Hall and carpark

No items

19/135 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – CVPA. Purchase of new play items

No information available. Move to Jan 2020 agenda

19/136 BUILDING & AMENITY PRIORITIES – Cemeteries.  Painting of double coach doors.

3 quotes received which were reviewed.

A proposal to approve the quote from Kevin Tayler for £290 no VAT was made by Cllr Bates, seconded by Cllr Duke; all those at the meeting were in favour.

19/137 Vulnerable people and BIOS

Path at Canney Green still has the dip which could be dangerous in icy weather after rain. SBC have so far refused to rectify. Ward Cllrs will be asked again to pursue this.

Cllr Sunners to contact BIOS to ensure they are still coming to the Castle View green as scheduled.

19/138 Items for next agenda


The meeting closed at 20.01



19/62 – Get green waste leaflet from SBC for Ridgeway View – via Ward Cllr Jefferies

19/127 – Ask Handyman to fix the boards on the footpath between High Street & Dewey Close19/129 – Add outside tap for TC to Jan agenda

19/130 – Deal with smoke alarm issue at pavilion

19/130 – CPC and football club to work on Grants for pitch work from FA

19/132 – Ask Allbuild for new quote for allotment water tank lids

19/133 – Agenda item for Summer 20 – allotment side gate

19/137 – Ask Ward Cllrs to get SBC to revisit the issue of the dip in the Canney Green footpath.

Cllr Bates

19/132 – Ask Hatch Heritage for quote for new allotment water tank lids