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18/71. Public Recess

Mr Pearse attended to raise questions with regards to the budget. He wanted to know how the unallocated reserves, currently at £40,000 were kept the same each year.
MH advised that currently the 2019/20 reserves were a projection, but most likely inaccurate at this stage. MH would write to Mr Pearse with the correct figures once calculated.

CB advised Mr Pearse that the council are currently drafting its Reserves policy which will show the basis for allocated & unallocated reserves. This will show what the allocated reserves are being set aside for.

PC advised that the reserves used to be a lot more and allocated to a variety of different areas. Once the reserves got too high it was important for the PC to lower these reserves in line with national guidelines. MH explained that a general rule of thumb is that a value equal to 50% of precept should usually be held as unallocated reserves; as the precept was likely to be circa £140k, it would be prudent to hold £70k in unallocated reserves.

Mr Pearse asked about the £20,000 in allocated funds for parking issues, with Norris Close being suggested. MH explained the current issues at Norris Close with parking and through traffic, especially for emergency vehicles. Mr Pearse questioned whether all residents should pay a share of the Norris Close work. It was pointed out that the same could be said of all areas of the parish – for example play areas are also funded by non-parents, dog bins by parishioners that do not have dogs etc. It was further explained that Norris Close was being used as a trial with other areas such as Castle View Road and Draycott Foliat following if the trail is successful.

CB advised that SBC will not fund such improvements, so the planning, highways and transport committee are looking at this as part of the strategic improvements document the Parish Council are creating. Speeding and parking were listed in the 2016 parish plan survey as local issues. The costs for these plans will be split over a number of years to ensure that the improvements can be delivered within the existing precept level.

The Clerk is to send Mr Pearse the meeting dates for the next planning meeting so he can attend if he wishes.

Mr Pearse asked after the HMRC cost to the PC. MH advised this was the employer’s portion of NI for the Clerks salary and was a standard cost to employers. Mr Pearse asked regarding the £1,000 allocation for laptop failure and why didn’t this come out of reserves. CB advised that as this was an operating cost it was a standard accounting procedure to show it in this way.

PW advised that Parish Councils have changed so much in recent years. There is a lot more onus on PC’s to be financially secure and prepare for unforeseen events. We must budget for a variety of potential costs and if that money is not spent, it goes into general reserves.

MH advised that the Parish Council has to remain solvent, but if reserves get too high they will be allocated to specific items of work to be carried out.

Mr Pearse asked whether the PC could have managed without the 2.96% increase to the precept for 2019/20?

CB advised that this is the first year there will be no SBC funding for parishing work so need a full clear year before making cuts to the budget.

The committee thanked Mr Pearse for attending and Mr Pearse left at 19.53.

18/72. Minutes of the previous committee meeting held on Thursday 20th September 2018

No amendments

The minutes of the meeting held on 20th September 2018 were then approved on a resolution by DR and seconded by CB; all at the meeting were in favour.

18/73. Matters arising


18/74 Action Points from 20th September meeting


17/51 Clerk to sign up to SLCC course. ONGOING
17/96 Create a tender requirement document. DONE
18/25 Chase up Stephen Maskell at SBC on GDPR training. DONE
18/35 WITH CLLR BRADY AND CLLR MATT HARRIS – Look at options for Clerks hours or Admin assistant and report back at next meeting, ONGOING BUT IN PROGRESS ALONG WITH CARETAKER ROLE
18/36 Look at options for ceiling mounted projector and new screen. CEILING MOUNT PURCHASED, NEED TO LOOK AT NEW ROLL DOWN SCREEN.
18/54 Check Rec ground maint figures for accuracy, DONE, ALL OK. CHAIR & VC ADVISED
18/58 Move Clerks hours/Admin assistant role to October meeting. DONE
18/64 Add to next EGPA agenda – review softball pitch hire costs. DONE
18/68 Provide a list of jobs a caretaker could do, also any admin tasks to be passed over. DONE.
18/70 Clerk to ask Came & Co for insurance breakdown for Tennis Club invoice, ONGOING

Cllr Matt Harris
18/67 Create final draft document for precept for public and Cllr consultation. DONE & CIRCULATED

Cllr Caroline Brady
16/67 Create precept accompanying documentation to advise public of work done by Parish Council over last year and proposed plans for 2019/20 DONE & CIRCULATED

18/75 FINANCE. Review October to date figures

The committee reviewed the figures which were noted. There were no comments.

18/76 FINANCE – Parish Council joining WALC & NALC (Wiltshire Area of Local Councils and the National Corresponding body)

The council discussed the membership benefits and agreed that joining WALC was sensible. This will be tabled for the Nov 18 full council meeting on the recommendation of the Finance Committee.

A proposal was made by PW to recommend joining WALC & NALC to full council. Seconded by DR and all Cllrs in favour.

RESOLVED THAT: The Finance committee will recommend to full council that The Parish Council join WALC and NALC.

18/77 FINANCE – Removing Hot Chilli payment from Xero system

There has been an outstanding payment on the system for Hot Chilli for the provision of the PC’s broadband in the past. Many emails and letters were sent to the company asking them to take payment and the company no longer exists.

The value of the payment is £194.87 and has been in place 2016.

A proposal was made by DR to remove this payment from the Xero accounts system. Seconded by PW and all Cllrs in favour.

RESOLVED THAT: With the guidance of the internal auditor to ensure the correct process; the Clerk will remove the pending payment from Xero of £194.87.

18/78. EXPENDITURE – Improvement & extension of Recreation Ground carpark

The EGPA committee had approved the quote from Matt Frost for £9088, with Tithegrove providing materials at cost price.

The total approved budget was £12000 to cover any unexpected issues. There is £5000 in the 2018/19 budget for this work and the maximum £7000 extra was proposed to come out of reserves.

A proposal was made by CB to approve the quote from Matt Frost. Seconded by PC and all Cllrs in favour. MC did not vote.

RESOLVED THAT: Matt Frost be awarded the contract to improve and extend the Rec ground car park. Work to start 5th Nov 2018 and that £7,000 be allocated from reserves for the project.

18/79. EXPENDITURE. 2 new heaters on timers in pavilion for £429.30 plus VAT.

A proposal was made by CB to approve the quote from KT Electrical. Seconded by MH and all Cllrs in favour. MC did not vote.

RESOLVED THAT: KT Electrical be asked to provide 2 new heaters at the pavilion.

18/80. EXPENDITURE. EGPA approved allotment fee increase of 10% for all plots.

The EGPA committee had previously approved a 10% increase on all plots for Nov 2018.

A proposal was made by CB to recommend to full council that a 10% increase on all allotment plots be applied. Seconded by DR and all Cllrs in favour.

RESOLVED THAT: From Nov 2018 all allotment plots will have a 10% increase in hire fees subject to full council approval.

18/81. EXPENDITURE. EGPA approved max costs of £200 to remove rust and re-paint the railings near the pedestrian entrance of the Rec Hall near the Coronation Gate.

The EGPA committee had previously approved a maximum expenditure on materials of £200.00 The proposal is to ask the probation team to do this work.

A proposal was made by CB to approve the £200 expenditure for the refurbishment of the railings. Seconded by DR and all Cllrs in favour.

RESOLVED THAT: £200 be allocated to materials to re-furbish the railings near the Coronation gate. Labour from the probation team to be provided.

18/82 BUDGET & PRECEPT – Review of any feedback

There have been no public or Cllr comments on the figures to date, apart from Mr Pearse’s comments earlier in the meeting.

There were no amendments to make to the precept or budget which arose from feedback.

18/83 BUDGET & PRECEPT – Additional budget items

Additional items highlighted were:

£49.00 plus VAT per AED device in the parish for the yearly monitoring. Currently 2 but the Tennis Club are looking for funding for a 3rd which the PC will maintain.

£998.00 inc VAT currently for WALC/NALC membership

A proposal was made by CB to add these costs to the 2019/20 budget. Seconded by MC and all Cllrs in favour.

RESOLVED THAT: The costs of £147.00 plus VAT and £998 no VAT be added to the budget for 2019/20.

18/84. POLICIES – Draft tender document review

The draft document had been sent to Cllrs before the meeting.

The requirement of the document is to show transparency on the process of selecting any new contractor.

We need to be clear on what we want and the service level provided.

The Clerk needs to create a general process document that runs alongside the tender document to show the process involved. The brief is to keep this document as simple as possible.

The STORM contract is a good example of a contract we can use in the future as time and funds were spent on getting it correct with a solicitor.

The Clerk is to work on this document and also investigate the breaks in pricing levels that require different tender processes.

A proposal was made by PC to approve the tender document completed so far. Seconded by PW and all Cllrs in favour.

RESOLVED THAT: For future tenders the approved documents would be used alongside the additional document to be created and voted on.

18/85. STAFF & HR. Potential handyperson position within the council.

A document sourced by CB was handed to the Committee detailing a job spec and potential cost per hour for a contracted handyperson.

The expected cost is £10 to £12 per hour.

There was some discussion on whether an employee or self-employed contractor would be more suited to the role.

The Clerk has an action to take the list of jobs that could be done and split it into categories – Unskilled Admin, caretaker and handyperson and bring back in the form of a set of job descriptions for the November meeting to discuss further.

18/86. Any other Business

The Clerk advised she had had some interest in local groups applying for grants and they would be presented to the committee when they are received.

CB enquired as to the timetable for presenting the precept and budget to full council.

MH confirmed that in the Nov Finance meeting the committee would vote on the final version. At the Dec full council meeting the budget and precept would be proposed. It would then either be accepted and voted on, or carried over to Jan 2019 which is the last full council meeting where it can be voted on, before being sent back to SBC.

MH had calculated the reserves during the meeting and advised:

Unallocated Reserves 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 (projected)
Brought Forward £43,330 £69,463 £80,082
Over/Underspend £26,133 £10,619 £-7,000
Carried Forward £69,463 £80,082 £73,082
Allocated Reserves 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 (projected)
Rec Hall Replacement £0.00 £5,000.00 £15,000.00
Rec Ground Drainage £5,000.00 £10,000.00 £11,424.00
Total Allocated Reserves £5,000.00 £15,000.00 £26,424.00
Total Reserved 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 (projected)
Unallocated £69,463.00 £80,082.00 £73,082.00
Allocated £5,000.00 £15,000.00 £26,424.00
Total Reserves £74,463.00 £95,082.00 £99,506.00

MH indicated that the reserves were in line with the expected figure of £70,000 unallocated.

Meeting closed at 20.42


17/51 Clerk to sign up to SLCC course. ONGOING
18/35 WITH CLLR BRADY AND CLLR MATT HARRIS – Look at options for Clerks hours or Admin assistant and report back at next meeting
18/36 Look at options for new projector screen
18/70 Clerk to ask Came & Co for insurance breakdown for Tennis Club invoice. Ongoing
18/71 Send Mr Pearse the details of the next planning, transport development & highways meeting date.
18/76 Add to Nov full council, the Finance recommendation to join WALC/NALC
18/77 With advice from internal auditor, remove the Hot Chilli figure from the Xero system.
18/80 Add 10% allotment increase costs to Nov full council agenda.
18/84 Create new document for the tender process to show the general process the council needs to follow. Need to add price breaks for different legal requirements
18/85 Take current list of jobs for admin/caretaker/handyperson and categorize them by type so the committee can see what type of role needs to be created. Add to Nov finance agenda.