Public Recess

Mr Howard Main from Carrisbrook Terrace asked after the proposed new development off of New Road and how the previous application in 2011 was rejected.
Cllr Brady urged all residents to attend the open meeting on the 24th April to find out more.
Cllr McMurray advised that the developers have been invited to the next Planning meeting.

David Pearse commented on the same subject, on how both the Parish and Borough had opposed this plan last time, and the fact that the area is in the AONB helped also.

Mr John Hornby from New Road asked after the yellow lines on New Road/Hodson Road. He has also spoken to Cllr Eric Shaw. He asked if the plan was linked to the new parking spaces at the other end of New Road. Cllr Brady read out part of Cllr Shaw’s report which states more will be known by Easter. We will go back to Cllr Shaw to find out more but Cllr Brady does not believe the 2 schemes are linked.
Action for Clerk to follow up with Cllr Shaw.

17/01. Declarations of interests.

1 planning application for Cllr I McMurray

17/02. Approval of minutes from 13th March 2017

Page 2 – remove hand written notes from screen shot
Page 5 – amend spelling mistake on action 16/108.

The minutes were proposed as approved by Cllr McMurray, seconded by Cllr Rawlings and all those at the meeting were in favour.

17/03. Matters arising and action points:

Matters arising:


Action Points:

Clerk Action Points on external bodies – ongoing.

Ward Cllr Shaw 16/107 carried over to next meeting

All other actions completed.

17/04 Ward Councillors reports.

Cllr Sumner:

Highways will be installing strips at Badbury to get an idea of the volume of vehicles using the route as a rat run. This will help formulate the plans for J15.

Requests for 30mph limits are being merged into 1 order, this is including Medbourne Lane. The other end of Medbourne Lane is to get a NO HGV sign added.
The reported potholes have been filled.
Section 106 funds from Badbury Park – the developers want to reduce the amount of affordable housing on the estate due to the increased costs of highways provision. The SBC recommendation is to approve this.
The Commonhead and Marlborough Road (near GW Hospital) plans for road changes are due to be released soon. The developers are looking to re-negotiate all road improvements.

The New Road planning proposal meeting – the developers will quite likely ask leading questions to use when making their planning application later. The AONB comments are still relevant.
The government’s position on new developments has changed however.

Both Cllr Beaumont and Cllr Mills commented on the need for affordable housing in the area and that the Badbury Park developers changes are against the SBC housing plan for affordable housing.

Cllr Rawlings asked about a grass verge area in Badbury where grass cuttings are being dumped – Cllr Sumner to check this.

Cllr Shaw and Cllr Foley:

The Clerk read out the report from Cllr Shaw and Cllr Foley:

Ward Councillors April Report
a) still awaiting news for signage installation at entrance to track to Washpool off Hodson Road. I’ve asked SBC to contract owners of the track re potholes especially near the entrance.
b) junction 15 plans – no change, however there’s a variation to the Commonhead S106 Agreement before the Planning Committee which meets tomorrow. It involves the level of infrastructure contributions and therefore the “delivery of the upgrade of Junction 15”
c) repairs to Butts Road – requires a specialist contractor due to its makeup and the date for the work is now September 2017.
c) Marlborough Road – currently upgrading or increasing of streetlights on Plough Hill isn’t planned.
d) paths off Marlborough Road – will be cleared in May.
e) yellow lines between Turnball & Patriot Arms roundabout in New Road – awaiting update expected by Easter. The damaged New Road sign opposite has been replaced.
f) the corner of the field at the junction of Ladysmith Road & The Ridgeway is due to be fenced off this week to define the boundary between SBC land and the farmer’s land.

a) The Firs – the entrance has been made more secure and the cleanup should be now complete.
b) Windmill Piece grassed area alongside houses from no.1 – I met with officers on Friday afternoon. They intend to consult residents about possible solutions to stop damage to the grassed area. One possible solution would be to reinstate the damaged area and install bollards.

a) Slipper Lane – the Planning Officer has said that Completion is possible by October weather permitting.
b) Esso Garage – reference proposed single storey rear extension application I have asked for it to be referred to the Planning Committee. I still consider proposals will pose problems.

Cllr McMurray commented that the clean up of the Firs site is not complete, the surrounding pathways still require attention.
Cllr Jefferies queried the response on part c) of the report on street lighting on Marlborough Road – still need to know why.
Cllr Sumner said that the AONB may affect this.

Cllr McMurray requested that the Clerk ask Cllr Shaw or Foley about the policy in regards to the chippings at the site on Ladysmith Road.

17/05 M4 J15

Cllr Brady outlined the background of this item. The Council need to understand what we are responding to SBC about, what are the changes, and what hasn’t been included that should be.
The debate is over what we need to vote on and if we don’t need a vote does the council draft a letter of concerns which the Clerk sends to SBC prior to the May meeting.

Cllr Mills advised that work is still expected to start in 2018 following the J16 completion. Work is expected to last 12 months.
50% will be paid for by Highways up to the value of £5 million and this will be matched by SBC. This money will be obtained from section 106 agreements. This money is still dependent on the NEV developments. There are concerns over how the £5 million will be raised and what plans are in place for any overspend.

All access improvements are on the A419 side of the motorway. The only improvement to the A346 site is to create a filter lane on the roundabout to turn left onto the M4.

Cllr Mills feels that Plough Hill needs more consideration.

The next Transport Development meeting is the 23rd May, ready for the SBC meeting on 24th May.

Cllr Hill feels this is very important to this parish and other areas. He feels all approaches of the roundabout need traffic lights. Also a filter lane on the grass verge to allow more vehicles onto the M4 westbound.

The question was also raised about whether a better design would be to have 2 lanes approaching the M4 and 1 lane exiting the roundabout. The New Road and Badbury junction also need to be considered.

Cllr Harris recommends using the exiting road width to allow 2 lanes where each section is at its busiest. If the time lag on the M4 lights is changed then the other junctions might not need lights.

Cllr Brady also commented on the need to consider what happens during the construction. Cllr Sumner thinks there may need to be a no right hand turn into Badbury from the Marlborough direction.

Cllr Sumner advised that as there is more development on the Swindon side of the junction this is the reason more money is being spent on that side.

The CPC agreed to prepare and email a letter listing the concerns to Jason Humm and Rob Rossiter in advance of SBC meeting on 25th May. It was proposed that these concerns should be discussed at the May meeting with the CPC rep. The letter should reflect on consequences of the J15/M4 work and its road safety issues.

It was determined that a vote was not required at this stage, CPC would register its concerns via a letter to SBC.

The Clerk has delegated authority to send this letter. The draft letter will be circulated to the Full Parish Council for review first.

The Clerk is to add comments to the Ridgeway Bell, FB page and website to invite residents to submit their views regarding the planned J15/M4 development work.

Cllr G Sumner then left the meeting at 20.28

17/06 Defibrillators – how many and proposed locations.

It was confirmed that £6000 max spend was approved by Finance. The Memorial Hall trustees will also be approached to help fund this. The Clerk is to complete the paperwork.
Models are available which advise when a shock isn’t appropriate. The Samaritans will visit to talk to the Clerk to offer advice.

After some discussion, the 2 initial locations were confirmed as:
Outside the Doctors on New Road
Outside the Memorial Hall.

Cllr Harris confirmed that the money is not coming out of any specific committee budget,
it will be taken from the general reserves.
The comment was made that we need to add them to our insurance policy.

The resolution to purchase 2 defibrillators at the specified locations was proposed by Cllr McMurray, seconded by Cllr Walton and all Cllrs in favour.

17/07 Community Safety, inc Police Report

There were 3 recorded incidences for March 2017. The Clerk read out the report supplied by PC Sophia Best.

Cllr Sunners also commented on the New Community Policing model which fits in well with community safety. However we still need to request a monthly police report. The Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch are also trying to secure more frequent communication from the police.

Community policing visibility has declined in recent months. Cllr Brady asked if it was worth raising this issue at the meeting on the 19th April – Cllr Sunners agreed it would be worth raising this.

Cllr Sunners advised on a useful shed alarm system, he will send the information to the Clerk who can distribute.

Cllr Sunners also advised on new NHW watch signs being available. They are £30 each and he would like the Council to consider buying 10.

A resolution was put forward that this would be added to the relevant committee agenda. Cllr McMurray proposed this, Cllr Hill seconded and all Cllrs in favour. – The issue to be referred to Finance Committee

17/08 Brief council on Clerks delegated powers.

The Clerk outlined the method and purpose of delegated powers to the Clerk, either for a 1 off event or to give the Clerk the power to deal with a reoccurring situation within the Parish. The Clerk can deal with this solely or with the assistance of the Chair and VC of the relevant committee. The Clerk then reports back on any act carried out under delegated powers at the next relevant council meeting.

17/09 Parishing Update

Cllr Brady advised that the new contract with SBC has been signed but not yet delivered back to them. The extra items is an annual cut of tall hedges with a side arm tractor and we have increased our fly tipping capacity with Allbuild being allowed to dispose of the waste for free at the SBC site in Swindon.
Cllr McMurray asked if this had been voted on at full council as when the original contract was signed it was a lengthy matter for the full council.
Cllr Brady confirmed that the original deed agreed with SBC Parishing deed was voted and approved by the Full Council last year. It was also agreed in Full Council that the Environment Committee would have on-going responsibility for parishing and delegated authority to make amendments to the service contract to take on additional services. The proposed changes represents an addendum to the existing deed and the Environment committee have approved these changes on behalf of the Parish Council in accordance with their delegated authority. The Finance Committee approved the expenditure. The Clerk has checked and confirmed these actions from a legal point of view.

A question was raised as to how the precept was going to cover this in future years as the SBC funds are cut. Cllr Harris advised that any reserves held this year will be moved to the finances for next year to offset parishing costs.

17/10 – Review of Committee minutes and documents

Finance: The last meeting was the 29th March. The Clerks salary was reviewed and an increased approved by vote. The Committee also approved a max spend of £6000 for defibrillators.
The new bin for the Spar was approved and also work for the BT kiosk at Badbury for £530.00
There was a £100 donation to the Primary school for their work in helping to design a new parish logo.
Cllr Sunners raised the query that £100 seemed a substantial sum of money for a donation.

The March accounts were then presented to the Council.
The resolution to accept these as accurate was proposed by Cllr McMurray, seconded by Walton and all Cllrs present in favour.

Environment: There is an outstanding action to review the allotment plots as some tenants are merging over the boundary lines. The rubbish is still to be cleared from the top plots. Cllr Rawlings and Walton are to review the plots.
The Allbuild quote for work at the Chapel was approved by the Committee and work starts w/c 24th April.

Transport report from Cllr Hill: SBC have sold Thamesdown, the new company were not aware they had to change the timetables over on the bus stops. Cllr Hill has been handing out timetables. There has been a request to start the 4.15pm route out of Swindon that runs on the old no8 route, and stops at Draycott Road. This has been registered with the company. There is a new Saturday morning bus at 7.50am.
National Rail and First Great Western have a new train service that changes at Bath, but will be changing at Swindon over Easter. Buses will complete the journey.

Recreation: There was no meeting in March, however Cllr Sunners noted that the Tennis Court fences are now fixed and the BIOS van has passed its MOT so should be back after Easter.

There is an action for the Clerk to add the BIOS information to the Ridgeway Bell.

Cllr Bates advised that the Tennis Club had a meeting and discussed their open morning on the 23rd April. They also provided information on their funding expectations.

CVPA – the top wooden bar of the climbing section broke. The area has been cleared and isn’t hazardous.

Planning: New applications received for Burderop Park and the Esso Station on New Road.
For Burderop Park the Committee have approved the application with conditions on local transport, parking spaces, and the extra financials strain it will put on the Parish Council to provide services.
If these cannot be resolved it has been requested this application go to the planning committee at SBC.
For the Esso Garage a proactive approach has been taken, the application has been approved by the Committee as the build is smaller in size. There is a condition that where items are stored in this area. We have asked for it to go to SBC planning committee if these conditions are not met.

The New Road development has not reached planning application stage yet.

Badbury Park: The new Parish Council are now dealing with any issues.

Transport Development: On the 23rd March the committee held its second meeting. They approved the draft Terms of Reference defined their Terms of Reference and started a draft template for committee members to complete on schemes in the area and to rate by importance.

17/11. AOB
There is a vehicle in the High Street with an enforcement notice on it.
Cllr McMurray commented that if you go to the SBC Recycling Centre in Swindon, they are now asking for proof of residency and proof of payment of council tax.
Cllr Rawlings was threatened when taking a photo of a vehicle parked in Well Close.
Cllr Brady commented on the Clerk having an appraisal which followed the CPALC recognized salary structure for Clerks. The job description will be changed to reflect the updated role.
The Standing Orders will be amended to show that the Clerks salary and appraisals are the responsibility of the Finance Committee. Cllr Brady is to circulate the relevant documentation about the appraisal.
The meeting closed at 21.40
Date of next meeting. The next meeting date is Monday 8thth May 2017 at 8.00pm. It will be held in the Recreation Hall off Norris Close. This meeting will be immediately after the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which starts at 7.00pm in the Recreation Hall off Norris Close. All Councillors are required to attend.


All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.


Action Points: Check what external bodies the PC should belong to, such as Rights of Way and Walkers Assoc’s. Long term action point.

Public Recess – 10th April: Ask Ward Cllr Shaw if the 2 new road schemes (parking bays and yellow lines) are linked as one action.

17/04: Ask Ward Cllr Shaw if he has found out why the A346 does not have street lights going toward M4

17/04: Ask Ward Cllrs about the policy on the chippings at the site at Ladysmith Road.

17/05: Once compiled and approved the Clerk is to send a letter to Jason Humm and Rob Rossiter at SBC in regards to the concerns over the J15 M4 plans

17/05: Add to Ridgeway Bell, FB and website for residents comments on the M4 J15 plans.

17/06: Complete funding paperwork for Memorial Hall trust for the defibrillators

17/06: Clerk to invite Samaritans to a meeting at office to talk about what model of defibrillator to buy. Also need to make sure defibrillators are on our insurance policy.

17/07: Add purchase of NHW signs to the Environment committee for approval

17/10: Add BIOS information to Ridgeway Bell

17/11: Amend Standing Orders to show that Finance Committee have responsibility for the Clerks salary and appraisals.

Cllr Sunners

17/07: Send shed alarm information to Clerk for publication.

Ward Cllr Shaw

16/07: Query SBC on whether A346 towards M4 should have street lighting for houses along this road. Also ask SBC why SBC vans were at the location of the Build Out on New Road.