The minutes from the December meeting were approved.

Review and approval of full draft 2 of the NHP document

As this was the first full draft there were multiple amendments.  These can be viewed on the Clerks copy of the document held on file.

The amendments were all to complete incomplete data or clarify points. There were no major concerns with the document.  The document was approved as ready for proceeding with the changes noted.

Review and approve Design Code document

The start of the document should ensure that all small hamlet areas are included, the areas can be combined as “the hamlets” elsewhere in the document.

There were no other comments to be made, the comments from Consultant Andrea Pellegram will be sent back to AECOM.

Date for next meeting

It was agreed to arrange a date when the remainder of the documents are available for review.

The Clerk is to try to find out the timeframes for the Regulation 14 part of the process and what its purpose is.

Meeting closed 20.27