The minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Clair has an action to chase up Andrea with regards to play spaces.

Ian To needs to complete the sustainable transport cycle route proposed changes. There is one piece of un-registered land near the railway line that needs the owner locating. Clair will ask the nearby landowner if they know who owns the land.

Clair is to contact the Primary school with regards to any rat running and preferred walking/cycling routes to school.

The sustainable transport section of the plan still needs more work.

Need to ask Andrea about requesting an archaeological survey for any proposed development within a site of possible historical interest. Can we request this as part of the completed NHP?

Need to ask Andrea about the level of commercial buildings that need plotting on a map so that Justine can complete this work.

The group need to decide what sort of play area should be included in the proposed site on Hodson Road so this can be included in the plan.

Materials for any new builds needs to be decided on. AECOM suggested similar to Home Close and bungalows on Hodson Road.  Broadly suggested that red brick used, and to consider thatch.

AECOM will make some proposals in draft 1 of the Design Code doc.

AECOM has concerns over the Hodson Road site as there is no safe way for children to get to school. There needs to be consideration on how this can be improved.

AECOM have suggested asking the developer for a contribution for a bus service for a number of years which then CPC take over.

Review of Housing needs document.

It was determined that this will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Review of draft 1 of the NHP from Andrea.

It was determined that this will be reviewed at the next meeting.

Next agenda items

None, but need to impress upon the group that major decisions will be made at the next meeting so they should try to attend.

Meeting closed 20.27