19/01. Declarations of interests.

Cllr Matt Harris lives in Norris Close

19/02. Approval of minutes from 11th March 2019

No changes

A proposal was made by Cllr Rogers that these minutes be therefore accepted; Cllr Rawlings seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

Cllr sunners wanted it minuted that he was prevented from talking about the March 2019 Full council decision to remove “matters arising” from the agendas as it was not on the April agenda. Minute 18/112 from March 2019 refers.

Cllr Sunners also wanted it confirmed why his request for the “public perception of the Parish Council” was not included until the June agenda. The Clerk and Cllr Brady, the Chairman, advised on rules for purdah and good practice for when new Cllrs join the council in May 2019. Item has been tabled for June already.

19/03. Action points:


All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.


17/76 Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING, WAITING FOR HIGHWAYS. Cats eyes and white lines to be renewed as well. WARD CLLR MATTOCK HAS AGAIN CHASED THIS. Reminded of pothole in this location too.

18/114 Advised resident’s group ref New Road planning application – 1 representative can attend to speak. DONE. CLERK ADVISED

18/117 Advised Ward Cllrs that SBC need to tell bus companies when road closure dates change. DONE


17/68 All Cllrs to do on-line GDPR training. CHASE CLLRS

Cllr Brady

18/61 Submit ACV for Calley Arms to SBC. DONE

19/04. Approve increase to Clerks hourly salary from 1st April 2019

Cllrs had received the relevant paperwork prior to the meeting detailing the increase in line with NALC recommendations.

Cllr Walton proposed changing the Clerks salary from April 1st 2019 to £17.57 an hour. Cllr Matt Harris seconded. All Cllrs voted in favour.

19/05. Settlement boundary review & Open Space review

The proposed new settlement boundaries for Chiseldon and Badbury had been presented to Cllrs prior to the meeting.

Cllr Matt Harris raised the question on whether the small area of land south of New Road (Petrol station, houses and allotments) should be included in this revised map as it would indicate that as part of the settlement boundary, further dwellings could be built.

Ward Cllr Sumner advised that this may not be the best course of action to include this area in the boundary due to implications of whether new dwellings could be built.

Cllr Rawlings proposed removing the small area to the south of Chiseldon from the map and then approving the proposed changes for both Badbury and Chiseldon to go back to SBC. Cllr Bates seconded. All Cllrs voted in favour.

The proposed results of the open spaces reviews had been presented to Cllrs prior to the meeting.

Cllr Rawlings proposed that these reviews be sent back to SBC as accurate. Cllr Matt Harris seconded. All Cllrs voted in favour.

19/06. Norris Close layby longitudinal parking plans ratified by Full Council.

The Planning committee had already voted on the longitudinal plan due to allowing 999 access, safety of not reversing out onto Norris Close, maintaining the maximum amount of green space and restriction of vehicle lights shining into houses.

Cllr Walton proposed that the Parish Council support and fund the changes to Norris Close for longitudinal parking. Cllr Jefferies seconded. All Cllrs voted in favour. Cllr Sunners abstained from voting and Cllr Matt Harris didn’t vote.

Cllr Jefferies advised that a resident had requested a gap in any planting carried out during the scheme to allow easy access to properties behind the hedge.

19/07. Church fete.

It was agreed to hold a stall again at the church fete on 29th June. Cllrs are to feedback to Clerk on ideas and assistance.

19/08. Budget vs Spend report for Committees

The Clerk and Cllr Matt Harris advised that the Xero accounting system was going to be used to create reports for committees to use to monitor annual spend vs budget to ensure they are on track. To be rolled out as soon as possible.

19/09. Community Safety – Cllr Sunners

The Jan 2019 crime stats are the most recent available, they show 890 crimes in South Swindon, with 17 for Chiseldon Parish. 8 are fuel drive-offs from the garage.

The police recently carried out a 3 day road safety campaign where a variety of offences were reported.

There is currently a campaign to highlight local policing.

The recent house fire is Wroughton is reported as arson

The South Swindon Community Safety forum reported a 13% drop in all crime from Feb 18 to Feb 19 in the area.

There was a 3% drop in the whole of Swindon

19/10 Ward Cllr Updates – Ward Cllr Mattock & Ward Cllr Sumner:

WC Mattock: Congratulations to everyone involved in the litter pick. WC Mattock was pleased to report a 50% drop in litter in the area he worked in from last year – Ridgeway View.

At last week’s full council meeting at SBC there was a motion for the council to agree to go to consultation for changes to the Borough and Parish elections in future years. It was agreed a cross party working group would be formed to carry out a consultation. It will go back to council in Nov 19.

Highways carried out a good job on the re-surfacing of Hodson Road.

The March surgery had only 1 visitor.

A comment was made about road signs left after work carried out. WC Sumner advised that SBC are told to collect signs even if they are not SBC signs and companies can collect them back off SBC if wanted.

WC Sumner: A July 19 consultation is planned for work at the Commonhead and Whitehart roundabouts. WC Sumner has advised this is too late. The PC will shortly be advised of the situation and can report back on local knowledge as part of this.

Bus timetables being affected due to this work was mentioned – it was asked if SBC can send relevant info to Wilts Council for when the work is going ahead as Wilts Council run the 80 and 81 service which travels through this area.

WC Sumner will talk to Rob Rossiter to ensure they are engaging with bus companies & Wilts Council.

Cllr Hill is to advise WC Sumner with bus info specifics relating to this.

Potholes identified in Badbury after the litter pick have been reported.

Ref the potential SHELAA site in Badbury, currently waiting for the developer to come back with updated plans for residents to view.

The Clerk asked WC Mattock to chase up repairs to Station Road and Castle View Road where areas have been marked in yellow for some time.

It was noted that temp repairs on New Road near the roundabout are breaking up again.

It was confirmed there are no relevant planning application updates.

Ward Cllrs leave 20.14

19/11 – Committee reports

Finance from Cllr Harris:
March finance figures reviewed (Not final). It was confirmed that reserve figures need to be updated. Some surplus might be moved to the Rec Hall replacement fund. Item added to next Finance agenda.

It was asked if fly tipping costs can be claimed back from SBC. It was confirmed that this was the PC’s responsibility, so no they couldn’t.
The manual journal entries were confirmed as being part of ensuring the Clerks salary is posted to the correct places for audit purposes.

Cllr Rogers proposed this as an accurate representation of the figures for March 2019 to date. Cllr Hill seconded and all Cllrs were in favour.

Environment, General Purpose and Amenities (EGPA): Cllr Rawlings
Thanks to everyone who supported the litter pick. The CCTV at the Rec Hall is currently not going ahead due to quotes of around £2000. Tennis Club lights will be repaired but a request for new additional lighting was rejected.

There were approx. 30 people for litter pick plus 12 at Badbury.

Transport report from Cllr Hill:
Free parking in SBC town centre car parks on Sunday. Also promoting Sunday bus services. There are no bus stops at Landmark Hotel on Station Road during road works.

New SBC £300 million scheme for new bus station. Temp station will be near Wyvern Theatre.
From 16th May all trains through Swindon will be new trains with more seats and some fares reduced. Trains to London – if 15 mins or more late can claim back 50% of ticket. If train cancelled or more than an hour late – a full refund can be claimed.

Planning, Transport Development and Highways from Cllr Brady:
Chasing up Manor Rise development works to finish the road – have written to developer direct for update.
Norris Close layby plans were discussed and voted on. Castle View Road is possibly next for parking assessment.

Strouds Hill green letter to residents for views on seating area to go out shortly.

A question was asked about Draycot Foliat Parking, could it be looked after Castle View Road? This would need to be progressed after May with the new council.

Grants Sub-committee:
No further progress. Need to arrange a date to meet to start a plan. Will invite community to attend.

Risk Assessment from the Clerk:
Nothing to report

Cllr Brady then thanked all Cllrs for their hard work.

19/12. Agenda items for next meeting


All Cllrs were reminded that we need new potential candidates to come forward in May to be co-opted – all Cllrs to spread the word – date is 13th May.

Meeting closed at 20.34


All Actions to be completed by the next Full Committee meeting unless otherwise specified.


17/76 Ask Ward Cllrs to chase cutting back of trees obscuring sign on A346 Plough Hill. ONGOING, WAITING FOR HIGHWAYS. Cats eyes and white lines to be renewed as well. WC MATTOCK TO CHASE. Chase pothole in this area also.


17/68 All Cllrs to do on-line GDPR training. CHASE CLLRS