Please note: this meeting has now been postponed. New date to be announced.


  1. Attendances and apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Approval of minutes from 2nd November 2017
  4. Matters arising not on the agenda
    Action Points
  5. Review situation at cut off points 

Current State Update

  • Immediate Improvements Identified – Report on any progress
    Noticeboard at Drycott Foliat identified for replacement. Approx £500 – same as new Hodson Board. Committee to vote on expenditure. (Plus installation costs)Rolling improvment of CVPA equipment. £5000 budgeted for 2018/19.Budget for yearly purchase of plants for village planters – Approx £100 for summer bedding plants.

Short Term Stat Update

  • 1 – 3 Year Plan Proposal Dicussion
    Agree key top 3 priorities – report on any progress:

All items listed were:

  1. Tree work – 5 year plan. Clerk to update
  2. Rec ground improvements – covered in EGPA committee
  3. Stroud’s Hill green – seating area – thoughts?
  4. Norris Close parking – covering in PHTD committee – needs progressing
  5. Castle View road parking – covered in PHTD committee – needs progressiong
  6. Badbury Rat running – park on M4 J15 work
  7. Draycott Foliat parking issues

Long Term State Update

  • 5 Year Plus Plan Proposal Dicussion. Items identified were: 
    Any Update on Rec Hall replacement £10,000 added to 2018/19 budget for this.Pitch drainage – already covered
    CVPA improvements – already covered
  1. Any Other Business (Note: items in AOB cannot have a vote)