Recreation Hall off Norris Close 7.00pm

Note  – the committee will first convene at the Castle View play area to review the equipment.

  1. Attendances and apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Public recess: members of the public may address the Committee on any Recreation related matter for a maximum of five minutes.
  4. Approval of minutes of meeting held on 19th June 2017
  5. Matters arising (not elsewhere on the agenda)/ Action points
  6. Football matters
  7. Tennis Club:
    • Update from Julie & Fiona Allen on Netball progress
    • Finance team have requested that the Committee draft a future “Plan B” should the Tennis Club no longer be able to maintain the courts and club.
    • TC lease changes Oct 2017 – need to discuss impact of this – arrange sub meeting?
  8. Castle View play area (CVPA)/teen area:
    • Update on CVPA repairs. STORM involvement and RoSPA issues
    • Review of costs of goals for grass area – and vote on plan for funding.
    • Approval of costs to purchase 2 new signs for CVPA.
  9. Pavilion (items not addressed under Football matters): electrical sockets not working – need approval for electrician to fix.
  10. Recreation Ground: charges for “Boot Camp” instructor to be voted on.
  11. Recreation Hall: update on rot investigation work.
  12. Youth activities
  13. Care of vulnerable people
  14. Any other business

Committee Members: Paul Sunners (Chair), Paul Walton (VC), Glenn Mills, Keith Bates, Jenny Jefferies, Caroline Brady.