1. To vote on the approval of a committee Chairman for this meeting, or until May 25

2. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.

3. Public recess

4. Approval of minutes of meeting 17th June 2024

5.Action Points


6. Discussion and vote on approving costs of £660.06 plus VAT to Allbuild for the extra work needed to bring the grass cutting up to standard after BDN terminated their grass cutting contract. See additional information.

Parish appearance and safety:

7. To approve the purchase of trees from Kingsdown nurseries with the donated funds from Washpool. See additional information.

Building & amenity priorities:

Tennis  club

8. Tennis Club representative to update Committee

Football club

9. Football Club representative to update Committee

10. Pavilion –  No items

Rec hall, ground & car park:

11. To discuss and vote on a quote for weed killing to the Rec ground carpark edges. See additional information.

12. Review current bin situation at Rec hall and look at alternative proposal. To discuss and vote. See additional information.

13. To discuss and vote on quotes for repair work to the Rec hall roof.  See additional information.

14. To discuss and vote on a cost of £199.85 plus VAT to STORM to reply 3 fire extinguishers. (All extinguishers have a “shelf life” for when they have to be replaced completely)

Chapel and graveyard:

15. To approve a quote for cutting back dead limbs on a tree in the Butts Road cemetery.  See additional information.

16. To discuss and vote on quotes for refurbishment work to the chapel bell tower. Allocated funds of £3500 available. See additional information.

17. To discuss and vote on a plan for waste control/removal from the Butts Road cemetery gate near Windmill Piece entrance.

18. To consider and vote on a specific memorial stone placement request at the Sir Henry Calley Memorial Garden. See additional information.

19. Community priorities:  No items


20. To note that the 2 apple trees on plot 9B have died and the handyman is removing them.

21. Vulnerable people and Youth items – No items

Castle View Play area:

22. Purchase of A4 metal sign for the “monkey bars” safety instructions. £15.00 See additional information.

23. Items for inclusion on next agenda

(Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)