Agenda Items:

Vote for new Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee

  1.  Attendances and apologies for absence
  2.  Declarations of interest
  3.  Public recess
  4.  Approval of Minutes

Planning minutes meeting held 30th August (note only those attending the previous planning meeting can approve)

Transport Development minutes for 27th July for Transport Development. (note only those members attending the previous Transport Development committee can approve)

  1. matters arising for both sets of minutes not on the agenda as well as actions points for both.

Planning items

  1.  review and vote on a new submitted applications.

S/17/1521 Change of land usage and fence erection. 39 Home Close.

  1.  review outstanding applications list by Exception

Highway items

Clerk updates:

  1.  Update RE Pothole reported to SBC
  2.  Update on Butts Road Traffic issues – Feedback from Eric Shaw if available?
  3.  Update re yellow lines on Hodson Road & layby on New road – W. Cllr Shaw co-ordinating.
  4.  Update – progress of bus stop at Draycot Foliat being moved. W.Cllr Shaw co-ordinating.
  5.  Does Draycott Foliat need a new 40mph speed limit and also hedge removing to create new parking spaces for residents? New discussion point.

Transport development items

  1.  Community Car Share schemes  – Needs Action Group to investigate.
  2. MA J15 Update

Review traffic flow documents (A1 documents in office for review) Peter Rydel to assist.

  1.  Review list of local traffic concerns and allocate Action Groups to investigate solutions. Action group required
  2.  Traffic Flow at Turnball and Mays Lane

Peter Rydel to assist.

Governance and Policy

  1.  Discuss and approve new TOR for NEW committee – structure Vote required.
  2.  Any other Business (Note, items in AOB cannot be votes on)

Supplementary Agenda information

Clerk chased Nigel Hale for Draycot Foliat bus stop update on 22nd Sept,

W.Cllr Shaw replied:

“I’ve already asked Nigel to keep me updated and I’ll keep you informed. However it’s not only an expensive project but a specialised one and needs coordinating with the Bus Company.”

Spread sheet collating Cllrs inputs re Local traffic concerns has been circulated by Cllr Brady.