Public Recess

To receive questions and comments from the public on Council related matters.  Members of the public are allowed to address the Chair for 5 minutes.  No decisions will be taken at this meeting.  Maximum 10 minutes

  1. Attendances and Apologies for absence (Absences without apologies to be noted separately)
  2. Declarations of Interests
  3. Approval of minutes – Full Council meeting on 9th July 2018
  4. Matters Arising and Action Points
  5. Community Safety – Inc Police Report
  6. Swindon Borough Council Reports From Ward Cllrs – Updates to be provided on: Plough Hill road sign being obscured by trees and green countdown markers obscured.
    New Road Layby – Vehicles still parking on the grass verges
    Provide information from Highways on definition of specific breaches of safety.

Voting Items – Planning Committee Only

  1. Erection of 5 dwellings with parking on land at Badbury House Farm, Badbury.
  2. Precept For 2019/20 – General discussion. Decisions to be made in Committee meetings
  3. Committee And Representation Reports (3 minutes per Chair)
    Fianance – June 2018 Finance figures for approval – see separate document
    Environment, General Purpose & Amenities
    Public Transport Update – David Hill
    Risk Assessments – Clerk to report
  4. AOB