You are summoned to the Strategy meeting at Butts Road Chapel, Tuesday 7th January 2020 at 7.30pm


Public Recess to receive questions and comments from the public on Council related matters.  Members of the public are allowed to address the Chair for 3 minutes.  No decisions will be taken at this meeting. Discussion will only take place when a subject raised is within an agenda item.  Maximum 10 minutes.

  1. List attendances and vote on approval of apologies for absence (absences without apologies to be noted separately).
  2. Declarations of interest & vote on any requested dispensations.
  3. Review, finalise and vote on the following:

Current State Update

Immediate issues identified – items to be considered:

  • Green SHELAA site on Hodson Road
  • Ongoing planning permission submissions for homes on New Road
  • Funding for further SID devices in the Parish – priority locations? Grant funding to be sought.
  • Next parking improvement scheme using budgeted funds from 2020/21- suggestions for locations.
  • Grants to be requested from Landfill tax for Rec ground play area and Rec ground outside gym equipment.
  • Employment of Clerk’s assistant from April 2020. Fund them to go on iLCA training? (Introduction to Local Council administration) £99 plus VAT from training budget allocated to 202/21.
  • Publish a parish wide newsletter to update residents?
  • Third defib. funding still needed. Look to get a grant.
  • How to encourage greater use of the Rec hall/field and tennis courts.

Short Term State Update

1-3 year plan proposal discussion – items to be considered:

  • Removal and re-build of Recreation Hall. What is required, what funds are needed, do we consider a Parish Council loan from the Public Works Loan Board? (2.8% interest) NB – Parish Councils cannot have “standard” bank loans.
  • Major tree work at Rec ground? Ash Die back?
  • Next area for Parking improvement scheme from 2021/22 budget.
  • Youth Club provision?
  • Improve & increase elderly/vulnerable care and support?
  • Local community bus service?

 Long Term State Update

  • 5 year plus plan proposal discussion. Items to be considered:
  • New cemetery space needed – Sir Henry Calley will fill. Locations & landowners needed.

NOTE – Suggestions from Cllrs for items to discuss will be sent out as additional documentation.

  1. Discussion on the reasons/merits for holding Strategy meetings. (Request from Cllr Sunners)

Current Committee: Matt Harris (Council Chairman), Denise Rogers (Council Vice Chairman), Chris Rawlings (EGPA Chairman), Jenny Jefferies, Steve Duke, Ian Kearsey, Andrew McDonald, Keith Bates, Paul Sunners.