1. Vote on appointment of new Chairman for the committee due to Cllr Randall stepping down from the role.
  2. To vote on the approval of any new Cllrs joining the committee.
    Public recess – maximum 10 minutes – see information above.
  3. List attendances and apologies for absence. Vote on approval of absences given. Absence with no apologies to be noted separately.
  4. Declarations of interests and requests for dispensations voted on.
  5. Review and approve minutes from 7th October 2021.
  6. Action Points
  7. Discuss & vote on what professional services to hire first with regards to moving the project forward. Designer/architect for rough building design to include items voted on in last meeting? Gather quotes for next meeting? Committee to vote on a course of action.
  8. Review Wroughton PC’s grant study documentation for useful information. Vote on action actions CPC can take to secure funding for the project. See additional information on MS Teams.
  9. Items for the next agenda. (Cannot be considered at the current meeting)