1. Vote for new Committee Chair
  2. Vote for new Committee Vice Chair
  3. Attendances and apologies for absence
  4. Declarations of interest 
  5. Public recess
  6. Approval of minute from the meeting on Monday 26th March 2018 and 26th April 2018 (Additional Planning Meeting)
  7. Matter arising not on the agenda
    Action Points


Voting Items

  • Review and vote on new submitted applications
  1. S/OUT/18/0703 Outline plans for 30 dwellings – land on New road. Vote on action on application itself to include public comments/questions
  2. S/18/0516 1 Butts road retrospective – roof lights & Juliet balcony
  3. S/LBC/18/0759 & S/HOU/18/0758 Whichway cottage, Badbury, 2 storet extension
  4. S/HOU/18/0813 22 Home Close single storey rear extension
  5. Review outstanding applications on “pink” list
  6. Application S/HOU/18/0443 for detached garage at Whichway cottage, Badbury will go to SBC planning commitee on 12th June at 6.00pm. Decision to be made on Parish Cllr to attend and comments to be made

Transport Development

  1. J15 M4 update if available
  2. Update on 6 local areas of concern document – feedback from annual meeting and emails
  3. Draycot Foliat Parking issues – Update on feedback from residents (Hedge removal and tarmac parking area) Also, discussion on requesting a change of speed limit from 60 to 40mph
  4. Slipper Lane Parking issue raised by Mr. C – Committee to discuss (Document to be circulated prior to meeting) 


  1. Speed activated signs – Update if required
  2. Norris Close proposed parking area – Update
  3. A346 crossing requirement for bus users – Dicuss
  4. Any Other Business (Note: items in AOB cannot be voted on)