1. Attendances and apologies for absence. Absence with no apologies to be recorded separately. Vote on approval of apologies.
  2. Declarations of Interest and vote on any dispensations required.
  3. Public Recess. 10 minutes maximum, 3 minutes per speaker if multiple speakers.
  4. Approval of minutes from 25th March 2021
  5. Action points.


  1. Discuss & vote on S/21/0518 Replacement data centre Brimble Hill. Vic Angell invited to join the meeting. Standing Orders to be suspended to allow Mr Angell to speak to the committee. See additional documentation
  2. Discuss quotes received by 3 Consultants to assist with a Neighbourhood Plan and vote on whether to proceed with a NHP. Next steps to also be voted on. See additional documentation
  3. Discuss & vote on S/21/0326. UPDATED PLANS. 5 units at Unicorn Business Park.
  4. Discuss & Vote on S/HOU/21/0200. Replacement side walls to vehicle entrance. Manor House, Chiseldon.
  5. Discuss and vote on S/HOU/21/0409. First floor rear extension. 40 New Road.
  6. Discuss and vote on S/HOU/21/0479. Rebuild & reconfigure steps front wall and steps. Methodist Church. Turnball.
  7. Discuss and vote on S/HOU/21/0471. Replacement 2m wooden fence. 1 Slipper Lane.
  8. Discuss and vote on S/HOU/21/0623. First floor and single storey rear extension, parking & assoc works. 31 Berricot Lane, Badbury.


  1. Discussion & vote on plans for New Road Build Out. Next steps to be voted on. See March additional documentation for stats from survey.
  2. Discuss update meeting with Steven Sanders from SBC in regards 2 Draycot Foliat & Windmill Piece laybys. Next steps to be voted on.
  3. Review Hodson Road SID Data supplied. Does the device need moving to another Parish Location? Next steps to be voted on. See additional documentation


  1. No items


  1. Items for next agenda
    (Note, these items cannot be voted on at this meeting)