PUBLIC RECESS   –   to receive questions and comments from the public on Council related matters.  Members of the public are allowed to address the Chair for 3 minutes.  No decisions will be taken at this meeting. Discussion will only take place when a subject raised is within an agenda item.  Maximum 10 minutes


1.Vote for CO-OPTION OF COUNCILLORS (if needed)

2. LIST ATTENDANCES AND VOTE ON APPROVAL OF APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE (Absences without apologies to be noted separately)

3. DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS and vote on any dispensations requested.

4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Full Council meeting on 9th September 2019


 6. To be minuted. Delegated emergency powers enacted by Clerk, Cllr Harris, Cllr Rogers & Cllr Rawlings to fix the outside lights at the Rec Hall as H&S issue. £246.35 inc VAT



7. Monkey Tree Cottage, High Street. S/HOU/19/1290 & S/LBC/19/1185 Resurface driveway & demolish & rebuild driveway walls. Cllr Sunners to leave the room during this item.

8. Extra costs for Norris Close layby from SBC. See additional documentation.

9. Reply to SBC on SHELAA site SO432 at Badbury? Residents request. See additional documentation



10. Approval of 2 places on training course at Haydon Wick – cost £35 per person.

11. Vote on transactions reports for May, June and July. See additional documentation

12. Review the new budget report & discuss how it can be best used for controlling Council expenditure vs budget. See additional documentation

13. VE Day costs to be approved from 2019/20 budget. See additional documentation

14. Christmas Tree costs for 2019. Approval for £175 tree costs and £100 electricity costs. Passed by EGPA committee.

 15. Chairman’s chains – additional bars.

Fattorini (original company who created the chains) have quoted £45 per silver bar, incl. engraving, total £135.00 plus postage.   Deacons costs were; Total cost £120 for the bars and £36 for the engraving (3 bars currently required). Grand total £156.00

16. New dog bin approved by EGPA for track at Home Close leading to lane at Cuckoo Bridge. Costs are £103.82 inc VAT for the bin, and £50 plus VAT installation. Collections are £2.50 per week. (£130 a year plus VAT)

17. Items for next agenda


Legislation to allow the council to vote and/or act:

Item 8. Norris Close layby. Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984  SS 57-60

Item 10.  Training.  Local Government Act 1972 S111.

Item 13. VE day costs. Local Government Act 1972 S145

Item 14. Christmas event costs.  Local Government Act 1972 S145

Item 15. Chairman’s chains. Local Government Act 1892 S8 (1) (i)

Item 16 – Dog mess bin. Localism Act 1983 S5