1. Attendances and apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest 
  3. Public recess
    Members of the public may address the Committee on any Recreation related matters for a maximum of five minutes
  4. Approval of minutes of the meeting held on 22nd May 2017
  5. Matters Arising & Action Points 
  6. Football Matters
    Repairs to senior pitch goal mouths – Matt to advise
  7. Tennis Club
    Update from Julie & Fiona Allen on Netball progress
    Finance Team have requested that the Committee draft a future “Plan B” should the Tennis Club no longer be able to maintain the courts and club
    Discuss and vote on TC requests:
    – Use grass area for extra parking in summer
    – Key safe (we are going to request that probation team strim the overgrown grass) (we have requested Countywide blow excess grass off the courts)
  8. CVPA/Teen area
    Update on CVPA repairs.Possible option of Haydon Wick doing maint work – depends on 15th June Environment meeting with STORM.Local firm has offered to buy/support the purchase of some vandal proof goals for the Castle View Green area. Need to investigate prices
  9. Pavilion (items not addressed under Football Matters)
  10. Recreation Ground 
    Football club in paint barriers. Keith to organise welding of missing post
  11. Recreation Hall
    Update on rot investigation work
  12. Youth Activities
  13. Care of vulnerable people
  14. Any Other business