1. Attendances and apologies for absence

2. Declarations of interest
3. Public recess

4. Approval of minutes
(From 22nd Nov 2018)

Matters arising not on the agenda

Action points



5. Review Accounts for February 2019 to date. – See additional documentation


6. Purchase of New gazebo for use at fetes etc. £61.99 with metal collapsible frame. (No need to un-assemble)


7. Morgan trees quote – £380.00 no VAT to remove dead tree at Rec ground

8. KT electrical quote for extra flood light at Rec ground to cover football compound area– £159.70 plus VAT


9. Funds to contract planning/legal consultant to challenge future planning applications if needed.
£2000 already allocated from 2018/19 funds. £1000 allocated in 2019/20 funds and a further £2000 requested from reserves should it be needed.


10. STORM 12 month contract review – See additional documentation

Policies Leases & IT

11. New meeting protocol document for review and approval – see additional documentation

12. Email encryption requirement for Clerks laptop and Cllrs emails?
Laptop needs hard drive encrypted and emails require encryption if sensitive data is sent via email – discussion on how to achieve this.

13. Official Twitter feed – 6 month review of whether this is needed as a communication tool.

Staff & HR

14. Is a mobile phone needed for the Clerk for council matters – discussion & Vote

15. Pension payments for employer and employer increasing April 2019.
Figures for Clerk will be: (Currently 2% of salary paid by employer, and 3% paid by employee)
Will change to 3% employer and 5% employee payment from April)
Clerk payment currently £23.35
CPC payment currently £19.46

16. Clerk Salary change according to NALC grading scale – See separate documentation
Discussion & vote on whether to change Clerks salary/grading scale to match national scale if required.

17. Clerk booked on webinar for Local Government Elections – cost £60.00 & VAT – to be approved by committee

18. Clerk to enrol in CiLCA training (Official Clerks qualification via NALC) First cost £220 plus VAT – to be approved by committee

19. Handyperson job update – possible need for expenditure
to advertise the role. Discussion & vote on expenditure if required.

20. Becoming a living wage employer – discussion and vote – see separate documentation

21. Any other business.
(Note, items in AOB cannot have a vote)