1. Attendances and apologies for absence

2. Declarations of interest

3. Public recess

4. Approval of minutes (From 20th September 2018)

Matters arising not on the agenda

Action points


5. Review Accounts for October to date 2018. – See documentation

Vote on Parish Council joining WALC. See separate documentation

Vote on removing Hot Chilli allocated payment from Xero system.


• The Tithegrove/Matt Frost quote of £9088 was approved. Total approved budget of £12,000 approved to cover any unexpected expenses.

• KT Electrical quote of £429.30 plus VAT for 2 heaters on timers at pavilion approved.

• 10% increase to all allotment fees for 2018/19 approved by committee

• £200 max budget approved for paint & materials for probation team to de-rust and repaint barriers to road at Coronation Gate on New Road.

Precept & Budget for 2019/20

7. Review feedback from Cllrs and public so far. Deadline for comments is 7th Nov. Discuss & vote on further amendments/additions.

8. Additional budget item/s: £49.00 plus VAT per AED in the parish for monitoring costs. Currently 2 but Tennis Club are looking for funding for a 3rd which PC will maintain.
WALC membership fee – currently £988. Inc VAT for annual membership. (If Council votes to join)

Policies & Leases

9. Review draft tender document. Vote if applicable on acceptance of document – or amend for future approval. See separate document

Staff & HR

10. Update – Hiring a handy man to do work around the Parish. Allbuild charge £16.50 per hour for labour. Charge per hour?
Discussion & possible vote. See separate document for proposed work/spec

11. Ongoing discussion on managing Clerks workload – various options available – increase Clerks hours, employ an office admin assistant. Linked to item 8.

12. Any other business.
(Note, items in AOB cannot have a vote)