1. Vote on new Finance Committee Vice Chair 
  2. Attendances and apologies for absence
  3. Declarations of interest 
  4. Public Recess 
  5. Approval of minutes (From 28th June 2018)
    Matters Arising not on the agenda
    Action Points


  • Review Accounts
  1. Review Accounts for July 2018 and vote on approval – See documentation
  • Vote On Expenditure
  1. EGPA Approved Expenditure:
  • Jet Washing of Pavements Needed 
    £80.00 equipment hire and £264 labour costs from Allbuild. Plus £65.00 plus VAT for moss prevention spray and £120 plus VAT extra labour.
  • Badbury Tree removal £300 plus VAT 
    Resident to pay 50%. Subject to SBC approval.
  • Request to Empty Spar Rubbish Bin 3 Times a Week During Peak Season
    £2.50 per empty.
  • Tennis Club Annual Inspection Report – Decide on costs to be covered by CPC. See separate document
  1. The Chairperson’s yearly allowance for 2019/20
    Discussion & vote on the amount to allocate & whether to approve. To go back to Full Council.
  2. Costs for Xmas Tree this Year
    Need posts & chains to secure site. Need “foundations” in place to hold larger tree. (Elec supply & tree covered by Football Club)
  3. Info: Pension Costs increased to:
    £19.66 per month employer costs
    £23.35 per month staff payment
    Due to % increase in April 2018 & Clerk’s salary increase.


  1. Compile items for Finance Committee for 2019/20 precept and make arrangements for public communicationRequest: New noticeboard for Ridgeway View. (£500)

Policies & Leases

  1. New allotment lease. As approved by EGPA Committee. See separate document
  2. Amended Expenses Policy – To cover purchases of ink and paper by Cllrs. See separate document

Staff & HR

  1. Hiring a handy man to do work around the Parish. Allbuild charge £16.50 per hour for labour. Charge £9.00 per hour? Discussion & possible vote.
  2. Ongoing discussion on managing Clerks workload – various options available – increase Clerks hours, employ an office admin assistant.
  3. Any Other Business (Note: Items in AOB cannot have a vote)