1. To vote in a Chairman for the committee for the following year

2. To vote in a Vice Chairman for the committee for the following year

3. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.

4. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted. Public recess

5. Approval of minutes of meeting 17th April 2023

6. Action Points

7. Parishing progress – To approve the tender document for grass cutting contractor quotes for the 2024 season. See additional information

Parish appearance and safety:

8. To approve the Allbuild cost increase of the twice yearly cut of the Home Close green “nature” corridor.  From £100 per cut to £120 per cut.

9. To approve hedge cutting costs for New Road hedge See additional information

10. To consider request from WARP for the Parish Council to register the washpool leased land as a Nature Reserve. See additional information

11. To consider the small see-saw in Castle View Play area after a child injured themselves.  See additional information

Building & amenity priorities:

12. To re-approve the updated costs of fire extinguisher servicing from STORM. See additional information (original quote from STORM was incorrect)

Tennis  club

13. Tennis Club representative to update Committee

 Football club 

14. Football Club representative to update Committee

15. Pavilion –  No items

16. Rec hall, ground & car park:     No items

17. Chapel and graveyard:  No items

Community priorities:

18. To approve applying for funding from the Calley Memorial Hall Trust for the remainder of the costs for a defib for Hodson.   See additional information


19. To consider and vote on quotes for rabbit removal Decision to be make on any type of quote to obtain for consideration at May meeting. See additional information

20. To approve request for a greenhouse on site 12A and updating of lease agreement to include greenhouses on the same basis a sheds. See additional information

21. PENDING QUOTES – Review quotes for new allotment fence posts. £850 in current years budget for allotment maintenance. See additional information

22. Vulnerable people – no items

23.Items for inclusion on next agenda (Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)