1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.

2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted

3. Public recess

4. Approval of minutes of meeting 17th July 2023

5. Action Points

6. Annual review and vote to approve Committee Terms of Reference document.  To ensure any new responsibilities are included. See additional information for the TOR.

7. Parishing progress – No items

Parish appearance and safety:

8. To consider & vote on any actions that can be taken with regards to the dog waste bin on Castle View green (near the garages). Person(s) unknown have been repeatedly emptying the bin and scattering the contents.

9. Update on 2023/24 project for protecting verges and improving safety of grass area on Castle View Green.  Committee secured a budget amount of £1500.00 for this project for this financial year.  To be considered with resident’s tree planting request? See additional information for new information gathered to date.

10. To consider and vote on a request for the Parish to have more benches provided by the council for the elderly to use.   A suitable robust bench costs around £700 plus installation. See additional information for bench costs and suggested locations.

Building & amenity priorities:

Tennis  club

11. Tennis Club representative to update Committee

Football club

12. Football Club representative to update Committee

13. Pavilion –  No items

14. Rec hall, ground & car park – No items

Chapel and graveyard

15. To review current fees for burial plots and associated costs. Council to consider the long term upkeep of the 2 sites once there is no income and whether to increase the costs to allow for future maintenance. (when the sites are full) See additional information

Community priorities:


16. To note that the plum tree on plot 12A  has fallen over so will be removed by the tenants.

17. Review annual plot charges for total income vs average expenditure.  To vote on whether allotment plot charges should increase and by how much.  See additional information

18. Vulnerable people – no items

19. Items for inclusion on next agenda (Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)