1. Attendances and Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of Interest 
  3. Public Recess
  4. Approval of Minutes of meeting held 16th July
  5. Matters Arising not on the agenda
    Action Points 
  6. Precept for 2019/20

Items to Discuss:

  • Library Funding
  • CVPA ongoing repairs and improvements
  • Double wooden doors at Chapel
  • Single gate replacement at Sir Henry Calley Memorial Gardens. £448.00 to supply and install from Allbuild. Same design as double gate
  • New Noticeboard at Ridgeway View
  • Plus other items

Parish Progress

  1. New Bin – Does the Council pay for an extra bin at Strouds’ Hill – Costs from Allbuild to install existing bin £50.00 plus VAT £143 per year to empty
  2. Moss Removal – Costs from Allbuild £56.00 plus VAT for moss prevention spray. £120.00 plus VAT for 1 day to spray all areas. £80.00 plus VAT jet wash hire. £264.00 plus VAT labour
  3. Further Tree Work At Rec Field -Quote from Morgan Trees to make safe trees along fence line with Carisbrook Terrace £48.00 no VAT to reduce crown of storm damaged ash

Village Appearance

  1. Allotments – Approval of costs of new lids for tanks £125.00 from Allbuild for new wooden lids
  2. Allotments – Review and approve updated lease. To then go to Finance Committee

Building & Amenity Priorities

Tennis Club

  1. Tennis Club representative to update Committee 
  2. Discussion on fixing of fencing (Caused by probation team) and other items noted in TC annual inspection – To be circulated

Recreational Hall

  1. Plan for Rec carpark improvements. Cllr Walton to update Committee with Preliminary costs


  1. New football goals at CVPAupdate from Clerk
  2. Spending some of 2018/19 budget. £3000 on either replacing existing old equipment or purchasing newSee additional documentation for see saw purchase
  3. Quote for floor repairs received from Aplins £3150.98 See separate document


  1. Does the Committee want to increase burial costs to help cover Parish Costs of maintaining Graveyards?See separate document for current costs

Community Priorities

  1. Football Matters. Club representative to update Committee
  2. Vulnerable People and Bios
  3. Any Other Business (Note: items in AOB cannot be voted on)