1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.
  2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted
  3. Public recess
  4. Approval of minutes of meeting 21st November 2022.
  5. Action Points
  6. Parishing progress – no items
  7. Parish appearance & safety: Request for signage at Strouds Hill to regulate activities. (Requested by Cllr Sunners) See additional information.

Building & amenity priorities

8. Tennis club

Tennis Club representative to update Committee

9. Football club

Football Club representative to update Committee

10. Pavilion – no items

Rec hall, ground & car park:

11. Discussion and vote on whether to reduce the fees for table tennis hire at the hall. See additional information.

Chapel and graveyard:

12. Review quotes obtained for solar panels on roof and agree whether to proceed with the project. See additional information.

13. Community priorities: Youth Club. Discuss any updates.

14. Community priorities: No items


15. Review quotes received for oak tree trimming. (hedge cutting quotes to follow) (Item requested by Cllr Rawlings) See additional information.

16. Vulnerable people – no items

17. Items for inclusion on next agenda
(Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting)