1. Attendances and apologies for absence to be received and approval voted on.

2. Declarations of interest and vote on any dispensations submitted

3. Public recess

4. Approval of minutes of meeting 21st August 2023

5. Action Points

6. 2024/25 budget.  Cllrs to come to the meeting with any requests for one off projects for 24/25. To be voted on, to submit to Finance committee for inclusion in the draft budget.

7. Parishing progress:

8. Discuss and vote on 3 quotes received for parish grass and hedge cutting work for 2024 onwards.

See additional information for quotes and spec.

Parish appearance and safety:

9. Discuss and vote on quotes received to re-paint the Badbury BT box. See additional information for quotes.  Item to go to Full council for approved as unbudgeted cost.

10. Update on 2023/24 project for protecting verges and improving safety of grass area on Castle View Green.  Committee secured a budget amount of £1500.00 for this project for this financial year.  Committee to vote on what hedging and trees to purchase and approve rotovating costs. See additional information for new information gathered to date.

11. Update on purchase of 2 benches and approval of any further costs. (Currently waiting for SBC to approve the 2 locations). Install costs required. Item to go to Full council for approved as unbudgeted cost.  SBC have confirmed payment to them would be £25 per bench.

Building & amenity priorities:

Tennis  club

12. Tennis Club representative to update Committee

Football club 

13. Football Club representative to update Committee

14. Pavilion –  No items

Rec hall, ground & car park

15. Discuss and vote on offering free use of Rec Hall to Tennis Club for their committee meetings.

16. Discuss and vote on quote to verti-quake senior football pitch at Rec field.

See additional information for quote details.

17. Discuss and vote on adjusting the speed bumps on the Rec hall track to allow wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

See additional information for quote details.

Chapel and graveyard:  

18. Discuss and vote on further burial cost price increases.

See additional information for details.

19. Discussion and vote on how to spend £166.67 left in a resident’s will for the benefit of the Sir Henry Calley Memorial Garden.

Community priorities:


20. Discuss and vote on longer term numbering system for plots on fencing.  (permanent marker keeps washing off)

21. Discuss and vote. Plot 7A would like to remove a pear tree from their plot that has never produced fruit.

Vulnerable people and Youth items:

22. Discussion and vote on inviting BEST back to Chiseldon for further youth sessions. (Cllr Sunners) See additional information.

23.  Items for inclusion on next agenda (Cannot be discussed or voted on at this meeting).