1. Attendances and Apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of Interest 
  3. Public Recess
  4. Approval of Minutes of meeting held 17th September 2018
  5. Matters Arising not on the agenda
    Action Points 
  6. Parishing Progress
    No items to discuss

Village Appearance

  1. Allotments – Note – Resident has complained about smoke from bonfires.
  2. Trees
    Council still needs a list of all trees owned by the PC for maintenance purposes and all trees with TPO’s attached.
  3. Draycott Foliat Parking
    Need to chase Ward Cllrs for SBC sweeping the parking area. Hedges have been cut back.
  4. New Road Hedge
    Requires further cutting at Coronation Gate. Hedge near Pats needs cutting on inside edge at resident’s boundaries. Clerk to contact resident’s ref access. Suggestion to have the bramble area completely cut down to avoid this issue each year.
  5. CPC response to North Wessex Downs AONB 5 year management plan review. Must vote on reply tonight.
  6. Railing at Coronation Gate
    Vote for expenditure to purchase paint, and request probation team de-rust these railings and re-print them.

Building & Amenity Priorities

  1. Tennis Club 
    Tennis Club representative to update Committee
  2. Pavilion
    Vote on installation of 2 heaters with timers. KT Electrical have quoted £429.30 plus VAT
  3. Car Park
    Plan for Rec car park improvements. Vote to be held tonight on approving work.
  4. CVPA
    1/4 inspection done Friday 5th October 2018 – waiting for report.
    Black matting by seesaw has dipped. Cllr Walton to report on whether Tithegrove or Probation team could level back out. (Note: £3.5k in budget for 2019/20 for flooring repairs)
  5. Cemeteries
    No issues

Community Priorities

  1. Football Matters
    Club representative to update Committee
  2. Softball Pitch Hire
    Committee to review increasing pitch hire costs. Currently £20 per league game. No practice charges.
  3. Vulnerable People and Bios 
  4. Any Other Business (Note: items in AOB cannot be voted on)