1. Attendances and apologies for absences noted
  2. Public comments received and welcome to any new members who wish to join the committee.
  3. Approval of minutes from 8.4.2021
    a. Action Points reviewed from 8.4.21
  4. Discussion of any price indictors received from track suppliers. Chay Ford to lead this item.
  5. Discuss requirement for planning assistance ref outline permissions sought from SBC. Is this the first fund raising item to cover the costs of this? Could a knowledgeable member of the community assist?
  6. Requirement for bank account. Is an Action owner to investigate this needed?
  7. Wider use of Social Media – create a separate FB group? Use some of the CPC funds allocated for a printed flyer run? Suggest contacting Mule Creative.
  8. Next step agreed on. To include a site visit with the Three Trees Farm Shop present (part of the next meeting) and presentation to June 14th 2021 Chiseldon Parish Council meeting required to gain approval for buy-in.
  9. Approval of next meeting date and time. TO BE CONFIRMED. Thurs 1st July suggested.