1. Attendances and apologies for absence
  2. Declarations of interest
  3. Public recess
  4. Approval of minutes (From 26th October 2017)

Matters arising not on the agenda


Review Accounts

  1. Review Accounts for November 2017 to date

Vote on Expenditure

  1. Probation team requests £200 to purchase new tools
  2. Books for Clerk, Allotment law and Highways law. Cost of £36.00 and £24.00
  3. Vote on change of electricity supplier from Feb 2018 – To go to full Council (See separate document for options) 
  4. Wroughton Library, review documents provided by Wroughton PC. Vote to continue discussion and invite Wroughton PC to next meeting. (See separate document)
  5. Fixed Wire testing – STORM. Decision on date for work to be carried out based on previous reports being found.
  6. Tree and Cemetery mapping software (See separate document from Clerk)
  7. Vote on extra 5 hours work for Clerk to catch up on projects. (Paid at normal time, not overtime)


  1. Work on budget figures for 2018/19 budget – Regular expenditure and one of costs. Include costs from other committees refer to Cllr Harris’s spreadsheet circulated prior to the meeting. (Final budget to be approved on 18th January’s meeting, ready for January Full Council)

Policies & Leases

  1. Data Protection update – Cllr Henderson to advise the committee
  2. Tennis Club invoice – Final approval (Refer to Cllr Harris’s document)

Staff & HR

No agenda items

  1. Any other business (Note: items in AOB cannot have a vote)