17/39 Declarations of interest.


Public recess

 No public at this time.

 17/40 Approval of minutes from 19th June

 No changes noted however the minutes could not be approved due to there not being enough Cllrs present who were present on 19th June.  The minutes will be approved at the August full council meeting.

17/41 Matters arising

 Cllr Bates reported that Phil Kerley would be happy to coach children at the Primary School, the problem is that the school can’t transport the children from school to the courts and they cannot walk.

Phil does do coaching within the school however.

Action Points


  • 17/18. Ask Phil Kerley about coaching sessions at primary school. COMPLETED, NO PROGRESSION
  • 17/21. Talk to other parishes about FA or Sports England funding. COMPLETED – NO REPLY
  • 17/25. Update TOR with required changes. COMPLETED
  • 17/29. Discuss with Allbuild a finish date for Chapel work. COMPLETED
  • 17/29. Advised Aplins to proceed with CVPA repair work COMPLETED
  • 17/29. Work on football goal proposal COMPLETED
  • 17/31. Pass to Finance Committee the approval for funds spent on improving football pitch goal mouths.COMPLETED
  • 17/31. Talk to Allbuild about quotes for various levels of pitch drainage and also confirm a definite start date for Rec Hall work ONGOING

Cllr Brady:

  • 16/116. Arrange to review lease and engage Withy King to resolve any ambiguous wording issues. ONGOING
  • 17/30. Talk to Ward Cllr Foley about getting the Tennis Club coach into Chiseldon Primary School to talk to Miss Cullen the PE teacher. COMPLETED

Cllr Walton:

  • 16/106. Investigate tarmac costs and other car park surfaces such as the green hexagonal plastic sheets and recycled scalpings. ONGOING

17/31 – Rec Hall. Lee from Allbuild has inspected the hall conditions and his conclusion is that it is not cost effective to repair the walls where they have rotted and sunk onto the steel frame.  Once the building is jacked up further damage and issues are likely to be found. A minimum start price would be £10,000 for this work. The committee concluded that the best course of action is to make the Hall usable and save funds each year to enable a new multipurpose Hall to be built.

The outside of the building can still be painted as the paint has already been purchased for this.  Will need to look at repair to damaged wall, repainting the inside and decision on what to do with the floor.

17/42 Tennis Club

Fiona Allen was in attendance to report on netball. The All England Netball Association has offered to help with a facility if one was created. They would promote it on “Netball Now” which is a player led drop in session. Swindon District Netball will help as well.

The Marlborough area is often looking for courts to play on. Our existing public liability insurance would provide adequate coverage. Players would need to fill in a registration form and sign a register on arrival.   The court would be promoted on Netball Now.

They would like a survey done on what skills were in the area, who would want to play and help. They can provide 8 weeks’ worth of coaching.

A visit is to be organised to Nationwide to see how they manage their multi use courts.

The Clerk is going to organise a visit for Fiona, Julie and any other Cllrs before the next Recreation meeting.

Another alternative would be to have a tarmac area created for netball.

Phil Kerley has taken on free cleaning of the courts, to save the TC funds.

The TC contract changes in Oct 2017 and at this time they are responsible for paying a % of the bills and insurance, rates etc.

Finance need to create an invoice for this and get it to the TC before Oct 2017.

Julie and Brian are to be invited to the next Finance meeting so they can understand the costs before October.

Fiona left the meeting at 20.52

In regards to the contact, no insurance company will cover storm damage to fences so this needs to be removed from the contract.  The insurance may need to be upgraded also.

17/43 Football Club.

Matt Clarke sent his apologies to the committee as he is unable to attend the meeting.

He sent in a report that the club are working hard on updating the facilities and have recently completed the painting of the barriers and the pavilion doors and interior.

The extra cost of paint was £117.00 and the club enquired whether the Council could help with the costs.

It was proposed by Cllr Brady that the Council cover the £117.00 cost of paint. Cllr Bates seconded this proposal and all those at the meeting in favour.

17/44 Pavilion

Work is pending for wiring repairs.  Waiting for the STORM contract to come into play so this can be dealt with.

17/45 CVPA

Note- at the start of the meeting the Committee met at CVPA and reviewed the status of the equipment according to the recent annual inspection.

Some areas in need of immediate attention are:

Finger entrapment risk on see saw

Finger entrapment risk on slide

Trip hazard on surface around slide

Balance beam on springs is loose in its fittings and the wood is cracking – to be replaced.

Aplins are to be approached to deal with these on a H&S basis.

In regards to football goals on the Castle View grass area. The Clerk is to go back to parents and ask them to come back with ideas on fund raising etc as the Council cannot cover the full cost.

The Clerk is to investigate who owns the land outside of the play area. (We lease the CVPA area off SBC)

A cost of £200 approx was quoted for new CVPA signs.

A proposal to approve these costs was proposed by Cllr Brady, seconded by Cllr Sunners and all those at the meeting in favour.

17/46 Recreation Ground

Boot Camp classes by Ultimate Outdooor Fitness using the field for classes.  After some discussion a fee per session of £20.00 was agreed upon.

A proposal to charge Ultimate Outdoor Fitness £20.00 per session was proposed by Cllr Brady, Cllr Bates seconded this and all Cllrs were in favour.

The Clerk is to advise them of this cost

17/47 Recreation Hall

The Clerk is to ask Lee from Allbuild to update the Full Council with regards to the state of the building repairs.

17/48 Youth Activities

Dave from Youth for Christ reported that in Sept they will have a Sports Facility worker attending the Mobi each week and did the Parish Council want to continue the arrangement based on their being sports events each week. The Committee saw no reason why the sessions shouldn’t continue.

17/49 Care of vulnerable people.

In regards to the 2 Chiseldon surgeries merging, the Full Council agreed to write to Robert Buckland MP with their concerns. Ward Cllr Shaw expressed his concerns over this letter but the Parish Council have autonomy to contact their MP should they wish.

The Care home in Badbury contacted the Clerk to ask if there were any plans for amenities for people with Dementia in the area.  The Clerk is to contact the Manager to ask for more information.

17/50 Any Other Business.

Cllr Sunners is to ask Dave from the Softball team to be careful that his vehicle doesn’t get stuck on the Rec field when he drives it as far as the pavilion.

The meeting closed at 21.32



  • 17/13. Talk to Allbuild about quotes for various levels of pitch drainage and also confirm a definite start date for Rec Hall work
  • 17/40. Rec Minutes from July need to be approved in August Full Council meeting.
  • 17/41. Next Rec meeting – decision to be made on Rec Hall Floor
  • 17/42. Arrange Nationwide visit to look at Multi Surface court
  • 17/45. Arrange for Aplins to deal with H&S issues at CVPA
  • 17/45. Football goals at CVPA – Ask parents to come up with a joint funding plan
  • 17/45. Find out who owns land outside the CVPA gated area.
  • 17/45. Order new CVPA signs
  • 17/46. Advise Ultimate Outdoor Fitness on charge for using Rec field
  • 17/46. Invite Lee from Allbuild to Full Council in August to advise on Rec Hall
  • 17/49. Contact Care Home Manager to request more information on dementia facilities in the area.

Cllr Brady:

  • 16/116. Arrange to review lease and engage Withy King to resolve any ambiguous wording issues.

Cllr Sunners:

  • 17/50. Talk to Dave from the softball team to make sure he doesn’t get his car stuck on the Rec field.

Cllr Walton:

  • 16/106. Investigate tarmac costs and other car park surfaces such as the green hexagonal plastic sheets and recycled scalpings.