16/12. Declarations of interest.


Public recess.

No public.

16/13. Approval of minutes. Meeting held on Monday 18th April 2016

No amendments or additions noted.

Acceptance proposed by Cllr Sunners, seconded by Cllr Bates; all in favour

16/14. Matters arising.


Action Points:

Cllr Walton – 16/183 – Carry forward. To investigate doors not closing properly in the Recreation Hall. Ongoing – see 16/179
Cllr Walton – 16/179 – Carry forward. Painting of the Rec Hall exterior. Ongoing action as more work is now needed.
Cllr Walton – 16/4 – Still needs to talk to Probation team about doing some of the storage area work.
Cllr Sunners – 16/4. New Fencing at Rec Hall ground -A quote has been received from Kudos fencing for £2704.00 but 2 more quotes are now needed. Cllr Sunners to get 1 quote and Cllr Brady the other.

Cllr Sunners – 16/170 – Carry Forward. Additional security light to be installed at Rec Ground, with protective wire cage around the light to protect against vandalism. Ongoing.

16/15. Chiseldon Fun day

Kimberley Hale and Julie Thompson attended the meeting to talk about progress with the fun day.

They are in the final stages of preparation and insurance for the day has been arranged and the Parish Clerk has a copy of this.
There is an issue with the stage supplier not being sure if he can get down the track – Cllr Sunners is going to talk to him to find out more.
Waste bins, clean up crew and porta loo’s have all been sorted. Stewards will ensure traffic down Norris Close and the track are appropriate.
They have a temporary events licence and a second leaflet drop is going out to Norris Close and Draycot Road residents.
The Mayor is opening the event.
The tea urn in the Rec Hall needs replacing. Cllr Sunners will arrange this.
Cllr Walton and Cllr Bates will check the Rec Hall lock up to see if there are traffic cones that can be used, alternatively he will source some from Tithegrove.

Kimberlay Hale and Julie Thompson left the meeting at 18.58

16/16. Football matters.

A discussion was had over passing over the payment of the Pavillion water and electric bill to the football club. We need to get a legal agreement in place to cover this and generate terms of the lease and rent. Cllr Brady can get Lois at Withy King to draft a document if needed.

Cllr Sunners will talk to Matt to advise this is under review.

16/17. Tennis Club

Rachel Whatley reporting – the time regulator valve in the gents toilet isn’t working. The Committee confirmed it is ok for them to get this repaired as it is covered in the terms of their agreement.
Some of the fencing still needs repairs where a tree branch fell down when the probation team were trimming the trees. Cllr Walton is still working to get this resolved.
Ask permission to cone off a small area of carpark when the softball team is playing on the Rec ground so that tennis members can also park. This was agreed. Advised they can also park on the grass by the hedge providing the ground is firm enough to do so.

Cllr Brady and Cllr Bowles both raised their disappointment that the tennis club was not open to the public on the fun day. Rachel advised that this was debated at length and it was decided that because 4 committee members are away and special footwear would need to be checked etc that they didn’t have the resource to open the courts.

Rachel advised that club membership is up a small amount on last year’s figures. This is slow but the same for other similar sized clubs.
The youth coach wants to go to Chiseldon Primary School and run some sessions with the children but has had no replies to his enquiries.

It was confirmed that the Clerk is to get 2 more sets of keys cut for the tennis club room.

16/18. CVPA

Cllr Sunners is still chasing Aplin’s for a start date for the maintenance work.

16/19. Pavilion

There is a large water bill for the pavilion. Cllr Sunners and Cllr Bates are going to visit and close the valves to see if there is any leaks. They will report back to the Clerk.

16/20. Recreation Ground

Speed bumps for the track were discussed again. Cllr Walton is going to investigate other options such as the plastic bumps that you screw into the ground.

16/21. Recreation Hall

The hot water urn has broken beyond repair. The committee approved the expenditure to purchase a new urn.
The Clerk confirmed that there are plans to start a guide group in the Rec Hall at a charge of £15.00 per week.

16/22. Youth Activities

The BIOS funding has been approved and a cheque posted to continue our visits to the village from the team.

16/23. Care of vulnerable people

Nothing to report, however Cllr Sunners said the Friday AM coffee mornings is a good meeting place for people.

16/24. Any Other Business.

Church fete – the parish plan/parish council leaflet will be ready to be handed out if required.
The children’s art work has been arranged with the school.
It was agreed by the committee that a gazebo needs to be purchased.
Need a rota of 2 councillors per hour to man this stall – minimum
Clerk to do some bright A4 signs to encourage participation.

The meeting closed at 20.02

Date of next meeting: Monday 18th July 2016 at 7.00pm in The Old Chapel, Butts Road.